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Notes From The Underpants ( or what I learned being a manager )

January 24, 2016
  1. always work on transferrable skills
  2. revamp your resume every 3 months- have a clear list of skills to improve and your current progress
  3. not your boss, or his boss or anyone can guarantee a job or a promotion, unless they get it on paper or text or email, which they won’t
  4. don’t get lulled into complacency, don’t count on vague off-the-record promises- they’re worthless because things are always changing
  5. people are clique-y. if they like you for whatever reason, you can never do wrong
  6. people stick to their own kind, especially the older ones. they know what they know- are and will always be comfortable with what they are familiar with. and when push comes to shove, they will stick to their kind, no matter what they say in public
  7. people will manipulate. in the end it’s about influencing ( in whatever shape or form)- it doesn’t cost a thing. nothing for huge returns
  8. when the shit hits the fan your boss/peers will throw you under the bus
  9. others will belittle, ignore- but steal your ideas and take credit
  10. be cautious with sharing your ideas and solutions at work- better yet, tell it to a tree and keep improving your skills/resume meanwhile
  11. your boss will only remember what you did today, at best maybe yesterday. anything beyond yesterday is a blank
  12. your real job is to help your bosses keep their jobs
  13. you are expendable
  14. bosses crave recognition like everyone else, but they’re stingy when it comes to recognizing their subordinates
  15. all I learned from previous bosses is what not to do as a boss
  16. if someone above you doesn’t like you, you can never do right, or enough. ever
  17. jobs are expendable
  18. never work off the clock, you are giving away chunks of your life for money. your life and time is valuable and irreplaceable. any sacrifice for a company  or boss is meaningless because the company and your boss is not loyal to you. they’re loyal to their paycheck and dividends. yet they will, irrationally, expect your loyalty
  19. if you learned valuable things at work through hard experience, be careful with sharing it, especially with your bosses- they will ignore or belittle it but in a month or so they will suddenly have it as a brainstorm. Or, in a different place and different company- they will trade your ideas as currency and take credit
  20. talk is cheap
  21. if you were promised something at work, rest assured it was promised to several other people
  22. jobs are easy- you just have to figure out what it is they want- and give it to them
  23. do your job well, but don’t reveal how you get it done. hold something in reserve always. knowledge is power. they’re paying for your time.  your  experiences and your mind are not for sale
  24. know your larger priorities, your values. set your boundaries- don’t let a mere job cross the line
  25. subordinates imitate their bosses. don’t be like your boss
  26. you are what you think. what do you spend the most time thinking about? thinking leads to action and emotions ( which influence actions)
  27. never idealize your boss. a boss is just a person with a title and bigger salary. they are not god. so is their boss and their boss’s boss
  28. people will only change when something drastic happens, or when they or their position is threatened. otherwise it’s business as usual- they may talk the talk- but that is it. fundamental changes are rare.
  29. people think that because it worked somewhere else, it will work everywhere. no it won’t. everything is always changing- every environment is different
  30. problems are unique- and so are solutions. but there are larger lessons to be learned from each. be a master of extrapolating those. connect the dots
  31. always be a freelancer. your skills go with you. they can replace you but it will take three people to do the same job- and not with the same care. the magic goes when you go. always be a free-lancer.
  32. don’t believe the hype. when your company  says customer service is the goal- it’s not. bottom line the goal is profitability… YOU will take this idea- and you’re welcome




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