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“welcome to earth”

January 3, 2016

‘Do you like me?’
” sometimes ”
‘ Do you love me?’
“all the time”



so I said: ” I’ve never been with anyone who could make the world disappear like you did”


( 70 degrees in NYC,  Christmas day )

Good thing we have logic and science to explain drastic changes in the environment…otherwise we’d be sacrificing a lot of people…


you know that cave artist who saw that lump on the cave wall and imagined a bison, or maybe wanted to draw a bison and needed a lump to suggest the bison, found it on the cave wall and shaded it in? he/she was fucking brilliant. see- it wasn’t about chest-thumping or bashing someone’s head in or grabbing someone else’s resources ; it was a flicker of the best- THE BEST-  in being human

human being —> being human. think on this.

it is not a given state, it is  the better side of us we must always strive for.





















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