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November 13, 2015

really. vision isn’t steady, like a camera on a tripod…
while you’re looking your eyeballs are pulsing, blood is coursing through your body, your head bobs, your heart pumps, your lungs expand and fill up, gravity is asserting itself- subtly collapsing your entire frame down.
vision isn’t steady.
vision is a nervous wreck.
vision is a fight or flight response.

vision is suppositions, filling-in-the-blanks

oceanic gaps and




IMG_20151113_124437 IMG_20151113_125723 IMG_20151113_124743 IMG_20151113_130008 IMG_20151113_112602 IMG_20151113_121137 IMG_20151113_125843 IMG_20151113_121347 IMG_20151113_130212 IMG_20151113_121410 IMG_20151113_125108 IMG_20151113_131256 IMG_20151113_121755 IMG_20151113_125543 IMG_20151113_121815 IMG_20151113_121824 IMG_20151113_124143IMG_20151113_112048


IMG_20151113_132228 IMG_20151113_133118 IMG_20151113_132416 IMG_20151113_132856 IMG_20151113_133026 IMG_20151113_132257 IMG_20151113_133157 IMG_20151113_132448 IMG_20151113_132940 IMG_20151113_132342 IMG_20151113_132558 IMG_20151113_132644 IMG_20151113_133241 IMG_20151113_132730 IMG_20151113_132824 IMG_20151113_133333

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