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“life is in the right, always”

October 25, 2015

these days, I don’t have a lot of words, only wonder


Icarus did not fly in vain


one of  the best legacies  you can leave your offspring is the notion that happiness is found by finding your true calling then pursuing it with every breath

courage or cowardice?



IMG_20151025_194529 IMG_20151025_200423 IMG_20151025_200124 IMG_20151025_195241 IMG_20151025_121349 IMG_20151025_195332 IMG_20151025_200633 IMG_20151025_130626 IMG_20151025_194836 IMG_20151019_093423 IMG_20151025_200205 IMG_20151025_200543 IMG_20151025_121442 IMG_20151025_194928 IMG_20151025_195107 IMG_20151025_195159 IMG_20151025_200314 IMG_20151019_093215  IMG_20151018_201247IMG_20151019_100707IMG_20151019_014440IMG_20151018_212821721IMG_20151025_023228  IMG_20151019_100509   IMG_20151019_014919


IMG_20151025_120937 IMG_20151025_115309 IMG_20151025_115137 IMG_20151025_115041 IMG_20151025_115440

IMG_20151020_213413 IMG_20151022_002345IMG_20151020_204807



IMG_20150907_221124 IMG_20151016_142649

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