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“for here there is no place that does not see you. You must change your life”

October 4, 2015

In a time of visual hit-and-runs, make the image a climax, a revelation. Let em work for it


Navels. I’m facinated by navels. everyone has one. a reminder that if someone had not been selfless at some point, we would not have made it here. to become monsters or angels, or whatever’s in between.


Here’s a fact: you will never stare at another human being as much as you will stare at your own baby- not your greatest lover, not your spouse, not your best friend.

Experience is two-edged; it can either open you up or cocoon you into a seeming reality. Mostly it’s the latter. So beware.


Somewhere there’s a quote by Rilke: “I want to be with those who know secret things or else alone…”

that would characterize me  in my personal life, and socially. at work,  it keeps me frustrated. time and again, ( perhaps grossly misplaced) I look for bosses who are sages, who are true teachers and leaders. instead I find men who are simply trying to hold on to their jobs: defensive and afraid, narrow-minded, petty or manipulative. Instead of nurturing, bold, visionary, creative or inspiring.  this is ” reality “. everyone’s gotta keep paying the bills, right? it is, after all “work”, not an ashram. there are no giants out there.

just ants building anthills



                                            IMG_20151004_163506 IMG_20151004_163407 IMG_20151004_163536 IMG_20151004_163321IMG_20151004_171149 IMG_20151004_163250 IMG_20151004_163438 IMG_20151004_163638


IMG_20150929_233948 IMG_20151004_175158 IMG_20151004_175345


IMG_20151004_164104 IMG_20151004_164227 IMG_20151004_164125 IMG_20151004_163739 IMG_20151004_164038 IMG_20151004_163717 IMG_20151004_163915 IMG_20151004_164015  IMG_20151004_163845IMG_20151004_163803

IMG_20150918_024630 IMG_20150918_025026 IMG_20150918_025646  IMG_20150918_025958IMG_20150918_083511IMG_20150918_083422


IMG_20151004_164348 IMG_20151004_164418 IMG_20151004_164441 IMG_20151004_164317 IMG_20151004_164506 IMG_20151004_164539 IMG_20151004_164524


IMG_20151004_143635 IMG_20151004_145538 IMG_20151004_145401 IMG_20151004_145113 IMG_20151004_145158 IMG_20151004_145222 IMG_20151004_145244 IMG_20151004_145310 IMG_20151004_145459 IMG_20151004_145616 IMG_20151004_164549

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