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August 15, 2015

An earthworm experiences its world internally through its mouth, and through its entire skin, externally. To it, the world is solid. Exposed to air, to “nothing”, it is completely perplexed


the danger of complacency- the security of repeating yourself


bone-dog living on the fringes of towns

familiar just enough with the streets and alleys

startles at the squirm of curtains


loving someone is like driving- you’re only ever sure of how you’re driving on your side of the road, not how the other person(s) will drive on theirs.  you love anyway- until you don’t



11882311_1065645503447495_6548734440559112494_o IMG_20150814_110343 IMG_20150814_110406  IMG_20150814_110037 IMG_20150814_110255 IMG_20150814_110430 IMG_20150814_110005 IMG_20150814_110456 IMG_20150814_105903IMG_20150814_105932IMG_20150813_203729


                IMG_20150814_104832 IMG_20150814_104741 IMG_20150814_104720 IMG_20150814_104253 IMG_20150814_104806 IMG_20150814_104104 IMG_20150814_103808 IMG_20150814_103915 IMG_20150814_104008 IMG_20150814_104139IMG_20150814_104429  IMG_20150814_104206 IMG_20150814_104231 IMG_20150814_104041 IMG_20150814_104359 IMG_20150814_104325


IMG_20150814_105509 IMG_20150814_105421 IMG_20150814_105810 IMG_20150814_105656 IMG_20150814_105740 IMG_20150814_105120 IMG_20150814_105602 IMG_20150814_105335 IMG_20150814_104854 IMG_20150814_105150 IMG_20150814_105247 IMG_20150814_105217 IMG_20150814_105309 IMG_20150814_105357 IMG_20150814_105539 IMG_20150814_105627 IMG_20150814_105831 IMG_20150814_105444

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