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“All Art Is Exorcism”

July 29, 2015

Everything is a Path, individually tailored.

What matters is the lesson they’re teaching you.

Love your path for that reason. Don’t fall in love with it.


Every class struggle began as a personal struggle.

Every public paradigm shift began privately…and if truly meaningful,

continues and evolves privately.

It’s easy enough and quite convenient

to join the latest Cause Du Jour.

Know your values.

A boulder in the middle of surging rivers.


I started a painting.


Every time I pick up a brush I am a beginner again.

Beginner’s Awareness.

My one regret: forgetting to clean my brushes afterwards.



11722490_1054994881179224_723895390401080042_o IMG_20150729_094836 IMG_20150729_104746 IMG_20150729_105010 IMG_20150729_104809 IMG_20150729_105040IMG_20150729_105119IMG_20150729_105143 IMG_20150722_211320 IMG_20150725_120400 IMG_20150722_183310


IMG_20150729_105559 IMG_20150729_104844 IMG_20150729_105332 IMG_20150729_105517 IMG_20150729_105539 IMG_20150729_105403 IMG_20150729_105423 IMG_20150729_105447 IMG_20150729_105621IMG_20150729_104929IMG_20150729_105209IMG_20150729_105231IMG_20150729_105307

11722565_1051393624872683_2778659912741586404_o IMG_20150722_150227 IMG_20150722_145622 IMG_20150722_143525

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