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” I am writing this in my old age. I used to call myself Hokusai, but today I sign my self ‘The Old Man Mad About Drawing.”

July 8, 2015

stuff happens.

first the phone cracked

then the pc crashed

then work transferred me

and I had to re-adjust.

and an amazing thing is growing.   there-

stuff happens.


not interested in control,

nor sad and tired powerplaygenderpoliticking;

i’m interested in generosity, courage,  Lorca’s “duende” –

some chutzpah.

i want to draw on the sidelines and simultaneously shout

!Ole!  !Ole!


i want to make bad paintings.

i SHOULD, I ALLOW myself to  make lots of bad paintings and drawings.

the problem honestly is i’m afraid of making bad art . it paralyzes.

i need to make a lot of mistakes. it’s ok. perfection is ignorance, immaturity. mistakes are lessons. bridges beyond,

you learn

from mistakes- they make you AWARE, they humble…perfection is complacency. smugness.

make lots of mistakes, make lots of crappy art. it’s ok. in the end , it’s all about necessity.



IMG_20150708_180745 IMG_20150708_180540 IMG_20150708_180918 IMG_20150708_180417 IMG_20150708_180809 IMG_20150708_180436 IMG_20150708_180606 IMG_20150708_180654 IMG_20150708_180853 IMG_20150708_175637 IMG_20150708_181009 IMG_20150708_180941IMG_20150708_180831 IMG_20150708_180724IMG_20150708_180350



IMG_20150708_181114 IMG_20150708_181158 IMG_20150708_181047 IMG_20150708_181136 IMG_20150708_181029 IMG_20150708_181218


IMG_20150708_180309 IMG_20150708_180224 IMG_20150708_180328 IMG_20150708_175800 IMG_20150708_180140 IMG_20150708_175941 IMG_20150708_175918 IMG_20150708_175941 IMG_20150708_180003 IMG_20150708_175530 IMG_20150708_180056 IMG_20150708_180118 IMG_20150708_175852 IMG_20150708_175458 IMG_20150708_175421 IMG_20150708_175731 IMG_20150708_175824 IMG_20150708_180032 IMG_20150708_175601 IMG_20150618_085830

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