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“ In a snowfall that covers the winter grass a white heron uses his own whiteness to disappear.”

May 5, 2015

several weeks back I was staying with the person most dear to me, and she made me coffee before she left for work.
as I drank the coffee I noticed that the inside of the cup had fine craquelure all over and as I drank more of the coffee until empty the fine cracks got more pronounced and bolder at the bottom of the cup.
it was unexpected. it was a gradual surprise. perhaps unintended. but it made drinking the coffee and the coffee itself 100 times better.
on the outside bottom of the cup it said “Made In Japan”. probably circa 1950’s.
details, details.


imagine if you will a portrait which is not a semblance, a nude painting missing a body, a conversation without subject and object, a history: of everything.

that. that would be something



IMG_20150424_175841 IMG_20150424_175728 IMG_20150424_155929 IMG_20150424_141020 IMG_20150424_125902 IMG_20150424_134525 IMG_20150424_180008 IMG_20150424_175638 IMG_20150424_175925  IMG_20150422_101905



IMG_20150508_183504IMG_20150505_121732 IMG_20150505_121941 IMG_20150505_121705 IMG_20150505_121801 IMG_20150505_121828 IMG_20150505_121854 IMG_20150505_121918 IMG_20150505_122012 IMG_20150505_122038  IMG_20150505_122124IMG_20150505_122102 IMG_20150505_122150  IMG_20150505_114622


IMG_20150505_122336 IMG_20150505_122523  IMG_20150505_122501IMG_20150505_122419 IMG_20150505_122358  IMG_20150505_122440IMG_20150505_122312 IMG_20150505_122224 IMG_20150505_122249 IMG_20150505_122610 IMG_20150501_140225   IMG_20150505_114755


IMG_20150505_121639 IMG_20150505_121555  IMG_20150505_121259 IMG_20150505_121122 IMG_20150505_121200 IMG_20150505_121229 IMG_20150505_121332 IMG_20150503_163432


IMG_20150429_011820 IMG_20150429_011626 IMG_20150429_011242 IMG_20150429_011651 IMG_20150429_011154 IMG_20150429_011326 IMG_20150429_011522 IMG_20150429_011554 IMG_20150428_132304 IMG_20150429_011723 IMG_20150427_065256



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