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“Now that you’ve found it, it’s gone… Now that you feel it, you don’t”

April 18, 2015

so here I am, painting, and it dawns on me that  the only way the painting can realize itself is within the painting itself.

let it answer its own questions- don’t get in the way, and bring something from the outside.

in this case, you have to think “inside the box”. the answer is within the box.

fuck thinking “outside the box”. it’s overrated and

meaningless. the problem is literally in the box-

thus the answer is somewhere in it.

to think otherwise is to be tangential- to be beside the point

to be art-ificial


the story ended as it began :

a lone wolf was found dead in the snow



IMG_20150403_114704 IMG_20150403_125457 IMG_20150403_131425 IMG_20150403_125334 IMG_20150403_120156 IMG_20150403_121000 IMG_20150403_120413 IMG_20150403_120252 IMG_20150403_121106



IMG_20150418_165904 IMG_20150418_165715 IMG_20150418_165806 IMG_20150418_165615


IMG_20150418_145057 IMG_20150418_143922 IMG_20150418_144219 IMG_20150418_144337 IMG_20150418_160714 IMG_20150418_160701 IMG_20150418_144159 IMG_20150419_095918IMG_20150418_144952IMG_20150418_144832




IMG_20150418_160203 IMG_20150418_160135 IMG_20150418_155804 IMG_20150418_160542 IMG_20150418_155524 IMG_20150418_160237 IMG_20150418_160029 IMG_20150418_160432 IMG_20150418_160103 IMG_20150418_155910 IMG_20150418_155450 IMG_20150418_155603 IMG_20150418_155642 IMG_20150418_155945 IMG_20150418_155728 IMG_20150418_155845 IMG_20150418_134952 IMG_20150418_135024 IMG_20150418_170304

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