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” i am all the days- that you choose to ignore “

April 2, 2015

You draw not to copy but to notice


How to find some kind of reasonable balance between life, art, and work…art predominating-

and this thing where one thing ends- let’s say a life, and another begins. I want them both…

if it’s a boy: Lucien Keone ( nickname Luke-Lucien from Lucien Freud the painter,  Keone is Hawaiian for John…

and if it’s a girl, Elise Martha ( Elise, from the Cure song- nickname Eli) )




11050327_988940347784678_2927732180494091113_oIMG_20150322_065030 IMG_20150322_065249  IMG_20150322_065425 IMG_20150322_065220 IMG_20150401_222222 IMG_20150401_222119 IMG_20150401_222145 IMG_20150401_222028



IMG_20150325_114511 IMG_20150325_114428 IMG_20150325_114209 IMG_20150325_114134 IMG_20150325_114244 IMG_20150325_114543 IMG_20150325_114329 IMG_20150325_114606



IMG_20150326_161305 IMG_20150326_161633 IMG_20150401_185441 IMG_20150401_184452 IMG_20150401_184522 IMG_20150401_184738 IMG_20150401_184711 IMG_20150401_184803 IMG_20150401_184830 IMG_20150401_184623IMG_20150401_185134 IMG_20150401_184959 IMG_20150326_162304 IMG_20150326_113255293_HDRs



IMG_20150325_114007 IMG_20150325_113944 IMG_20150325_114100 IMG_20150401_183834 IMG_20150325_113802 IMG_20150328_165816 IMG_20150328_170002 IMG_20150328_165941 IMG_20150328_165920



IMG_20150401_185504 IMG_20150401_185558 IMG_20150401_185725 IMG_20150401_185529IMG_20150401_185405 IMG_20150401_185650  IMG_20150401_185331IMG_20150329_054454



IMG_20150401_185232IMG_20150401_185304 IMG_20150401_185207



IMG_20150401_184336 IMG_20150401_184427IMG_20150401_184311 IMG_20150401_183904 IMG_20150401_184127  IMG_20150401_183944 IMG_20150401_184207IMG_20150401_184051 IMG_20150401_184235 IMG_20150401_184018   11090826_996296047049108_7672169720685607551_o



the dog of my life, my art assistant Ripley had to go through surgery recently-

and the biopsy result wasn’t good but at least she’s healing well, for now

IMG_20150327_180251447 IMG_20150327_174712600 IMG_20150328_122007910_HDR IMG_20150328_122342 IMG_20150401_182725049_HDR




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