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“All actual life is encounter.” ― Martin Buber

March 6, 2015

this isn’t erotica- this isn’t titillation- this is the rude slap of leaves and branches on your face just before you walk into a forest clearing, or a path- and you see: being. being, being, being: complex, fascinating,multi-hued, shifting shimmering Other


one thing I’m fascinated with are creatives who perform publicly: the singers, dancers, actors. their art happens mostly “in situ”, in the moment, requiring an audience ( and the energy that transfers back and forth), on a stage or under the scrutiny of a spotlight; my work happens in a cave, so to speak- in the dark and relative silence, wrestling with proverbial demons- and then something is left, some trace that perhaps a public ( including myself) will look at “a posteriori.”

I should look into this


I’m participating in a salon show this Sunday, March 8th at 7 pm, at The Living Gallery. There’s a Q&A portion for the artists. Figured I’d do it since I’ve never done this before. My  ” do something different once a week ” thing, I guess.




IMG_20150303_133356 IMG_20150303_133446 IMG_20150303_133310 IMG_20150303_133823 IMG_20150306_111808 IMG_20150303_133101 IMG_20150303_133205 IMG_20150221_143144 11002675_976832295662150_8083722513008876791_o

IMG_20150303_132312 IMG_20150303_132450 IMG_20150303_132326 IMG_20150303_132756  IMG_20150303_132627IMG_20150303_132919


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