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“Difficult Pleasure”

February 20, 2015

sometimes she would crawl inside my skin, pushing here and there, grasping, pinching and poking- stretching me from the inside; and through her I learn better where I begin and where I end, where I break and where I gather up-

she curls up inside me like a curious fetus, a something without a name- my inner cave hiding wondrous images


Altamira caves and Lascaux. And then the Sistine Chapel…I can’t help feeling that between one and the other, something was lost. The Sistine Chapel to me looks needlessly excessive and decadent- crass; not the height but the dregs, like leftover grind and sugar in the bottom of a mug

maybe the best art we as a species have ever made, were created in darkness and silence-fugitive as drawings scrawled on an Australian boulder with the sap of a twig, or eroding under tropical rain


MOST RECENT WORK  ( the fluid, less-finished ones are warm up drawings done, with my left hand )

IMG_20150212_103809 IMG_20150210_190317 IMG_20150212_104246 IMG_20150220_132323 IMG_20150212_104910 IMG_20150212_104504 IMG_20150211_064029 IMG_20150220_133339 IMG_20150220_133642 IMG_20150220_133441 IMG_20150220_133551 IMG_20150220_133944 IMG_20150220_133107 IMG_20150220_133759 IMG_20150220_134106 IMG_20150206_190829 IMG_20150220_125247 IMG_20150220_125400 IMG_20150220_131220 IMG_20150220_125452 IMG_20150220_131114 IMG_20150220_130248 IMG_20150220_130408 IMG_20150220_130100 IMG_20150220_125627 IMG_20150220_115420 IMG_20150220_115620 IMG_20150220_121206 IMG_20150220_115753 IMG_20150220_122934 IMG_20150220_121412 IMG_20150220_122726 IMG_20150206_214820591 IMG_20150212_110629 IMG_20150212_110837 IMG_20150212_111007 IMG_20150212_110732 IMG_20150207_125352 IMG_20150212_105901 IMG_20150212_104748 IMG_20150212_110147 IMG_20150212_110023 IMG_20150212_105436 IMG_20150207_190623 IMG_20150208_065118 IMG_20150207_172608 IMG_20150208_070431 IMG_20150207_144251 IMG_20150207_122524 IMG_20150206_103957 IMG_20150206_103518 IMG_20150206_103117 IMG_20150220_132130 IMG_20150220_131824 IMG_20150220_131944 IMG_20150220_111446 IMG_20150207_121235 IMG_20150207_120744 IMG_20150207_120412 IMG_20150212_104134 IMG_20150207_120513 IMG_20150207_121442

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