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January 23, 2015

what burns is not Art.

what does not burn is not Art.

does the infant cradle the infirm? or is  the wasting on their  deathbed

caress the infant?

a tree sprouts  a seed in its maturity;

this seed, tiny and hard, contains in its shell

all the lives of the tree, and promises a  forest.



I grow older and  grow more inward.

I grow less patient with those who don’t get IT-

explain an ocean to a lake?

simultaneously I grow more and more patient

with those who don’t get it. I stop explaining oceans-

and talk about their lakes

their puddles,

their sewage systems.

water is water

after all


I have added a new step to my drawing process:

draw with my left hand, then both my left and right hand to warm up.

anything to break up my complacency , my routine.

and I’ve combined ink- wash and chalk,

wet and dry.

wet. and  dry.

I continue to try to do something different every week



IMG_20150122_090617 IMG_20150122_090723 IMG_20150122_090347 IMG_20150122_090444 IMG_20150122_085959 IMG_20150122_085452

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