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January 16, 2015

I have an ancestor who, due to violent physical trauma ( from one of the Wars), got unhinged- became homeless, wore rags, dug up tubers and ate fruits- lived off of what people in the town gave him, made bonfires and slept in the warm ash. My father used to go looking for him with me in tow- we would find him, and my father and he would just squat close to each other silently- the near-naked gaunt, long-haired old man with the stubborn square chin- my father with the same stubborn chin dressed in city clothes…I always felt that ancestor of mine did it for me, for us, so we wouldn’t have to do it ( be homeless, be hungry, be alone )

and sometimes  now, at night – when the daily mundane worries of my adult life lifts off me and my bed like stale breath, from the loam of my semi-sleep I find myself in that man’s body:  watching the town below from a hill, the grit of warm ash against my skin and the smell of burnt wood, the sounds coming from the town waking up, and this invisible lock clamped over my mouth

the townies used to mockingly call him “Tarzan”.

His real name was Bernan.


1/10- 1/16/15  ( some of these drawings were done with my left and right hand , simultaneously )


IMG_20150117_095211 IMG_20150117_094736 IMG_20150117_094913 IMG_20150117_095318 IMG_20150117_085512 IMG_20150117_093008 IMG_20150116_200904 IMG_20150116_200954 IMG_20150116_140527


IMG_20150116_105548 IMG_20150116_105058 IMG_20150116_105222 IMG_20150116_105655 IMG_20150116_104908 IMG_20150116_112839 IMG_20150116_105939 IMG_20150115_202953


IMG_20150116_102922 IMG_20150116_102432 IMG_20150116_102724 IMG_20150116_104709 IMG_20150116_104408 IMG_20150116_104212 IMG_20150116_112942




IMG_20150116_100915 IMG_20150116_100740 IMG_20150116_101053 IMG_20150116_100748 IMG_20150116_101917 IMG_20150116_101850 IMG_20150116_102042








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  1. January 16, 2015 1:11 pm

    I often wonder what it’s like to have more connection to family history. I don’t have much information about my heritage… just a few scattered stories.

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