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First Sessions Of 2015

January 10, 2015


IMG_20150110_162759 IMG_20150110_162012 IMG_20150110_162124 IMG_20150110_161742 10915081_951980204814026_6495750684619039515_o


IMG_20150110_155158 IMG_20150110_155452 IMG_20150110_155940 IMG_20150110_155609 IMG_20150110_155101 IMG_20150110_155718 IMG_20150110_155008 IMG_20150110_154911 IMG_20150110_154617 IMG_20150110_154416 IMG_20150110_154442 IMG_20150110_154216 IMG_20150110_154111 IMG_20150110_130336



Not A New Year’s Resolution, But My Own Guide- Moving Forward

1. Don’t be complacent.

2. Think it through once, then make a decision- but stay nimble.

3. Less patience. More patience.

4. Know your values. Know your priorities.

5. Find the right people.

6. Go somewhere far away once a year.

7. Do something different once a week.

8. Do more art, see more art, talk more art.

9. Take care of your body.

10. What comes, comes. What stays, stays. What goes, goes.

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