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My Vacation

November 17, 2014

I’m currently on vacation. When others go away  , I go away  and deeper into my art. It’s better than any exotic place or adventure I can ever imagine. One day soon I want to astound myself, do something I didn’t see coming. This bliss between intention and chance. Then everything would have been worth it. Remember the allegorical Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri? Dante descends into the several levels of Hell and then ascends through Purgatory and then Heaven/Paradise, accompanied by Virgil.  I imagine the ideal model would be like Virgil: guide, co-conspirator, eye-witness, friend, foil,  and tutor.

11/22/14 ( last day of vacation)

IMG_20141125_123433 IMG_20141125_124004 IMG_20141125_123829 IMG_20141125_124415 IMG_20141125_131328 IMG_20141125_124210 IMG_20141125_124109 IMG_20141125_123659 IMG_20141125_124312 IMG_20141125_123556 IMG_20141125_131447


IMG_20141122_093105 IMG_20141122_093217 IMG_20141122_094117 IMG_20141122_094350 IMG_20141122_093742 IMG_20141122_094242 IMG_20141122_093626 IMG_20141122_093853 IMG_20141122_094021  IMG_20141122_094608


IMG_20141120_154828 IMG_20141120_155237 IMG_20141120_155207 IMG_20141120_154701 IMG_20141120_154947 IMG_20141120_154520 IMG_20141120_155349 IMG_20141120_115810


IMG_20141120_081638 IMG_20141120_081307 IMG_20141120_082529 IMG_20141120_081955 IMG_20141120_082406 IMG_20141120_081756 IMG_20141120_082251 IMG_20141120_081425 IMG_20141120_081059


IMG_20141119_132043157_HDR IMG_20141119_131814 IMG_20141119_130359 IMG_20141119_125810 IMG_20141119_131712 IMG_20141119_125636 IMG_20141119_130949 IMG_20141119_130613 IMG_20141119_125359 IMG_20141118_151200


IMG_20141119_130223 IMG_20141117_135955 IMG_20141117_140048 IMG_20141117_142027 IMG_20141117_140906 IMG_20141117_135842 IMG_20141117_143146 IMG_20141117_142931 IMG_20141117_142419 IMG_20141117_140159 IMG_20141117_141015 IMG_20141117_135641 IMG_20141117_133148 IMG_20141117_133448


IMG_20141116_101542 IMG_20141116_095257 IMG_20141116_101252 IMG_20141116_095143 IMG_20141116_101841 IMG_20141116_101946 IMG_20141116_094907 IMG_20141116_102019 IMG_20141116_101344

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