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“My Dear, Find What You Love And Let It Kill You “

November 15, 2014

Recent Work


IMG_20141115_105644 IMG_20141115_111729 IMG_20141115_110726 IMG_20141115_104139 IMG_20141115_104307IMG_20141115_104745 IMG_20141115_104959IMG_20141115_110334  IMG_20141115_105524  IMG_20141115_105749IMG_20141115_111237 IMG_20141115_111112  IMG_20141115_111839 IMG_20141115_105119 IMG_20141115_110154IMG_20141115_110524 IMG_20141115_104907  IMG_20141115_105417



IMG_20141115_114012 IMG_20141115_113602 IMG_20141115_113805 IMG_20141115_114106 IMG_20141115_113907 IMG_20141115_114810 IMG_20141115_115039 IMG_20141115_115133 IMG_20141115_114549 IMG_20141115_114931



IMG_20141116_012407 IMG_20141115_215823 IMG_20141115_134223 IMG_20141115_220356 IMG_20141115_220123 IMG_20141116_012457 IMG_20141115_220305 IMG_20141115_220237 IMG_20141115_215924 IMG_20141115_220633 IMG_20141115_220705 IMG_20141115_215853

IMG_20141115_220440 IMG_20141115_220600

3 Comments leave one →
  1. November 16, 2014 8:35 am

    just exquisite in every way … This series is my fav … thanks so much for sharing

  2. November 16, 2014 9:37 pm


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