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Schiele At Neue Galerie, My Birthday, and Recent Work

October 31, 2014

For my birthday on the 30th I went to see the Egon Schiele show at the Neue Galerie by myself.


One of my favorite images in the Schiele show was this.


I didn’t realize he did something like that til I saw it. the picture was hung about knee high- obviously the curators didn’t want it smack in front of their genteel visitors’ faces. I was the only one to hunch down to scrutinize the drawing. I had done something similar- but whereas Schiele used a nubile model I used a friend from the opposite spectrum. I think mine are better.

Picture 93 Picture 92 Picture 91

In my drawings there is none of Schiele’s gleeful male freshman delight in a woman’s eroticized body. There is only matter-of-factness. Thus, and thus. Her inertness preserves her. She is not my playground. She is a mountain.

After seeing the Schiele show,  Klimt ‘s statement to the younger artist becomes clear, when Klimt said Schiele had “much too much”  talent…and it confirms what I have recently  thought about Schiele…he was an immature artist. He spent the first decade of his artistic life shaking off Klimt and Kokoshka’s influence, regurgitating things they’ve done 5-10 years before.. It wasn’t until just before his death  that he started finding himself. His tremendous talent was his downfall. It made art too easy, too facile for him. Klimt , the greater artist, was warning him  like a father.

Also Schiele’s prison drawings were just plain awful.

Later in the evening, I drew :


IMG_20141031_152704IMG_20141031_155821 IMG_20141031_153108IMG_20141031_155623 IMG_20141031_155523IMG_20141031_152940 IMG_20141031_155305IMG_20141031_154826 IMG_20141031_155203   IMG_20141031_154602IMG_20141031_154334 IMG_20141031_154446  IMG_20141031_153824 IMG_20141031_153617IMG_20141031_154916 IMG_20141031_153514 IMG_20141031_153334

My dog Ripley while I drew my model


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