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It’s Not That History Repeats Itself- It’s That People Don’t Change

August 1, 2014

The one single important thing one learns from history is that NOTHING IS PERMANENT. What’s yours was someone else’s. Language evolves, merges. Cultures aren’t monolithic or impermeable. History  reminds you AGAIN AND AGAIN that the world is ROUND -boundaries are non-existent… people, animals, plants, diseases, cultures and genes have roamed, mingled and traded places around this sphere for milennias. Most of the evils and destruction wrought by men to other men come from the concept of PERMANENCE. When someone thinks something is permanent, something is THEIRS or can BE theirs (  you  can’t posses something that’s impermanent ; possession defines identity), then they will do everything they can to preserve and protect it, to propagate it, fight and kill for it to keep other peoples’ grubby hands from getting it. And they will do everything they can to mold history into their image by destroying history itself.

-January, 2014





(some recent art )



Picture 145 Picture 148 Picture 142 Picture 156 Picture 155 Picture 154 Picture 139 Picture 153 Picture 138 Picture 146 Picture 152 Picture 151 Picture 150 Picture 149 Picture 147 Picture 144 Picture 141 Picture 143 Picture 140 10428400_868283143183733_2696398462396608117_o







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