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Atom and Eve

April 5, 2014

“My atoms like your atoms”, she said.

And why not?

Wasn’t it Plato who postulated once that  people originally used to have four arms, four legs, and two heads? And because of our  pride the Gods in that most ancient time punished us by splitting us in two- forever pining for our other half, for completion?

I have an alternate theory.

Once, ABKQZL were together. Then they were split up, through a process called mortality perhaps.

ABK was combined with WRM. Let’s call this new entity  ABKWRM.

Meanwhile QZL was combined with CDE. Let’s call it QZLCDE.

Then after billions and billions of other combinations and permutations, of ages and lifetimes- in the same adjacent time and place,

we find an entity ABKW meeting QZLP.

Instantly, something happens, a recognition of the other:


” My atoms like your atoms .”



( recent drawings)



Picture 33 Picture 34 Picture 44 Picture 49 Picture 36 Picture 43 Picture 38 Picture 39 Picture 53 Picture 37 Picture 40 Picture 47 Picture 45 Picture 41 Picture 42 Picture 46 Picture 48 Picture 35 Picture 50 Picture 51 Picture 52

4 Comments leave one →
  1. December 8, 2015 4:22 pm

    wonderful! both words and drawings.

  2. John permalink
    December 8, 2015 8:36 pm

    I particularly admire your rendering style as well as your bold fearless expression of an element of human anatomy.

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