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March 4, 2014

Don’t just exist. LIVE- learn something new everyday, think and do different things-expand on things- go deeper, don’t stay on the surface. Be kind, be patient with others. Everyone you see, including yourself,  will die- everything you see will be gone, and the memory of them. There is only NOW . Choose wisely.



(recent work )



Picture 3636 Picture 3600 Picture 3611 Picture 3612 Picture 3613 Picture 3614 Picture 3615 Picture 3616 Picture 3617 Picture 3618 Picture 3619 Picture 3p610 Picture 3625 Picture 3626 Picture 3627 Picture 3628 Picture 3629 Picture 3630 Picture 3631 Picture 3633 Picture 3632 Picture 3634

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