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December 13, 2013

expression is risky

glittering beads  on a rosary

queued up for answers-

the backs of deserts  bowing for rain


if I could live on sand I would

erect cities from the mud I’ll mix

from sweat and spittle

I hear termites and ants are experts


there is no Noble Savage

no Chosen People

no golden past no Paradise Lost

in fact  choose your opium du jour

since Jesus was not, apparently, a Christian


there is only

the floor of the present

in a room with a tendency to dust

so get your brooms  out

before  filth becomes a habit.


(10-16-11 )



Drawings  from my last session:


Picturdse 3518 Picture 3519 Picture 3520 Picture 3521 Picture 3522 Picture 3524 Picture 3525 Picture 3523 Picture 3526 Picture 3527



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