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October 5, 2013

the sky,  to a toad

is only full of flies





( some recent work )


Picture 3460 Picture 3462 Picture 3461 Picture 3463 Picture 3466 Picture fd3459 Picture 3467 Picture 3465 IMG_20130826_115322 IMG_20130809_222951 IMG_20130809_223028 IMG_20130809_223112 IMG_20130809_223145 IMG_20130809_223459 IMG_20130809_223526 IMG_20130809_223618 IMG_20130809_223655 IMG_20130809_223732 IMG_20130809_223759 IMG_20130809_223825 IMG_20130809_223850 IMG_20130809_223915 IMG_20130810_094628 IMG_20130819_163602 IMG_20130819_163647 IMG_20130819_163750 IMG_20130819_163845 IMG_20130819_163948 IMG_20130819_164022 IMG_20130819_164057 IMG_20130819_164203 IMG_20130819_164553 IMG_20130819_164826 IMG_20130819_164920 IMG_20130819_165036 IMG_20130819_165438 IMG_20130826_114924 IMG_20130826_115006 IMG_20130826_115121 IMG_20130826_115155 IMG_20130826_115222

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