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Work Is Easy; Art Is Hard

August 20, 2013

At  work you become a tool-

once you know your purpose, the What’s, the Hows

and the Why’s , it becomes  simple:

so many widgets done per hour, per company guidelines.

There is a beginning,  and  there is

an  end.  You punch in,  and you

punch out.

At work, Time and Money,

concepts,  really-

acquire durable realities.

The language of work is direct,  common-place

and forgettable  once communicated.

They are like intellectual styrofoam cups.



 Art on the other hand  is a means towards “being “,

towards being alive

and not merely surviving.  It is

breathing,   with awareness and purpose. 

It is looking at things as if they have never been seen before.

But Art has no end, no beginning.  You don’t clock out from a work of art, 

you merely move on.

There  are no fixed , external metrics

to determine whether  it’s good or bad.

And the artist is always his worst critic.

In the end there is no guaranteed paycheck, no guaranteed

audience, no guaranteed  approbation or interest.

You move on  in doubt and faith,  in fear and trembling.

Work is easy ;  Art is hard.






( some recent work )



IMG_20130816_105139 Picture aq3381 Picture 3384 Picture 3383 Picture 3388 Picture 3396 Picture 3392 Picture 3385 Picture 3387 Picture 3389 Picture 3386 Picture 3395 Picture 3390 Picture 3391 Picture 3394 Picture 3409 Picture 3410 Picture 3398 Picture 3397 Picture 3399 Picturefd 3399 Picture 3400 Picture 3401 Picture 3402 Picture 3403 Picture 3404 Picture 3405 Picture 3406 Picture 3407 Picture 3408

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