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The Meaning Of Life

August 13, 2013

Clean brush , dirty brush,  clean brush.


Chisel that on my tombstone.

Need I elaborate?

A brush is not a brush until it’s dirty.

That is its essence, that is it’s function and being.  A brush

becomes a brush in action.

But it must be maintained, it must be renewed, it must become

pristine again.

Otherwise, it dries out.  Otherwise it becomes stiff.  Useless.

Unable to function, unable to create.

And so this cycle:  clean brush, dirty brush, clean brush.

” Clean” as  adjective and verb.

Born, live, die.

But you missed the point.

And I said Left when  I  meant  Right.





DSC00886 DSC00888 DSC00103 DSC00102 DSC01296 DSC00496

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