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Train Sketches

August 3, 2013

So on the train on  way to and from work, I do these . A good way to train my powers of observation, my mind and hand, and my confidence. It’s also a terrific way to transition and deflate from work.




IMG_20130623_215447 IMG_20130623_215521 IMG_20130623_215420 IMG_20130625_000213 IMG_20130625_000304 IMG_20130628_112923 IMG_20130628_113015 IMG_20130628_113058 IMG_20130628_115442 IMG_20130628_115602 IMG_20130628_115638 IMG_20130701_000120 IMG_20130701_000203 IMG_20130701_000248 IMG_20130701_000337 IMG_20130701_000429 IMG_20130701_000512 IMG_20130715_192656 IMG_20130715_192733 IMG_20130715_192807 IMG_20130715_192833 IMG_20130715_192855 IMG_20130715_193018 IMG_20130715_193046 IMG_20130715_193108 IMG_20130715_193151 IMG_20130717_195520 IMG_20130717_195604 IMG_20130717_195640 IMG_20130717_195709 IMG_20130725_102113_229 IMG_20130725_102236_736 IMG_20130725_102954 IMG_20130725_103045 IMG_20130725_103112 IMG_20130725_103135 IMG_20130725_103155 IMG_20130725_103225 IMG_20130725_103254 IMG_20130725_103321 IMG_20130725_103523 IMG_20130728_204128 IMG_20130728_204219 IMG_20130728_204248 IMG_20130728_204323 IMG_20130728_204351 IMG_20130728_204420 IMG_20130728_204452 IMG_20130728_204525 IMG_20130731_114048_275 IMG_20130731_114107_399 IMG_20130731_114120_856 IMG_20130731_114146_025 IMG_20130731_114158_725 IMG_20130731_114133_357 IMG_20130731_114059_820

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  1. August 9, 2013 7:24 pm

    Reblogged this on imakecreativity and commented:
    I like where this is going…

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