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July 5, 2013

My last girlfriend had a photographic memory. It served her well through school- earning her three undergraduate degrees, a Master, and a Doctorate. This gift serves her well still : she is currently a superb clinical  pharmacist.


When we used to read side by side, she would quickly flip  the pages, snapping away like a camera, gobbling up the information. Meanwhile I  advanced a page or two, turned back, then inched forward again, hovering around  a word or murmuring a phrase and perhaps jotting it down in my sketchbook.


Our attempt at spending time together ended up with her annoyed and determined to go to sleep  while I read on into the night, scribbling, mouthing words, exchanging another word for the author’s, just to see how the meaning changed. It was like playing with a Rubik’s Cube, not in an attempt to finally  get the colors together, but to see the patterns evolve.




(Drawings from a recent session)


Picture 3337 Picture 3348 Picture 3351 Picture 3338 Picture 3345 Picture ds3336 Picture 3342 Picture 3341 Picture 3339 Picture 3344 Picture 3343 Picture 3346 Picture 3347 Picture 3350 Picture 3349

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