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In The Beginning, The End

April 26, 2013

In the beginning

every facet of the city was undeniable  through a kind of protrusion

like braille

tempting one to become an initiate.

And she was of this city, a suddenly discovered
cul-de-sac, a fenced garden or

a mossy statue erected to commemorate
something forgotten,

discovered on an aimless walk.

She became the question

sussurating in my head, itching to be answered

each possible answer a heaven or hell.

Finally , she became that which I saw

in the corner of my eyes , an oblique presence not to be acknowledged head on

for to do so brazenly , without faith

would melt her into thin air , or worse perhaps,

turn me into stone.


-April 10, 2010



( Drawings from my recent session)

Picture ds3272 Picture 3273 Picture 3275 Picture 3284 Picture 3274 Picture 3276 Picture 3279 Picture 3281 Picture 3282 Picture 3283 Picture 3278 Picture 3277

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