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Single Fare 3 ( at RH Gallery, 137 Duane St., New York, NY )

February 7, 2013

I’m in this show of small art utilizing the ubiquitous NY subway metrocards.

Opening night is Feb. 13, 6-9pm. Up until Feb. 22.




These are my entries- all painted last year. Unfortunately the best ones were either sold or given away…These will be on sale for $100 each.


Pangyarihan_Jonnie_01.jpg Pangyarihan_Jonnie_03.jpeg Pangyarihan_Jonnie_05.jpeg Pangyarihan_Jonnie_04.jpeg Pangyarihan_Jonnie_02.jpg Pangyarihan_Jonnie_20.jpeg Pangyarihan_Jonnie_19.jpeg Pangyarihan_Jonnie_18.jpeg Pangyarihan_Jonnie_16.jpeg Pangyarihan_Jonnie_06.jpeg Pangyarihan_Jonnie_07.jpeg Pangyarihan_Jonnie_09.jpeg Pangyarihan_Jonnie_08.jpeg Pangyarihan_Jonnie_10.jpeg Pangyarihan_Jonnie_11.jpeg Pangyarihan_Jonnie_15.jpeg Pangyarihan_Jonnie_13.jpeg Pangyarihan_Jonnie_14.jpeg Pangyarihan_Jonnie_12.jpeg Pangyarihan_Jonnie_17.jpeg



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