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January 13, 2013

the sluices, the mudflats
the curved horizons of the body
the slowly drifting clouds
continental drifts
breathing plate-tectonics
marshes and forests-
this and THIS
this is eye-geology
skin astronomy
kinetic archaeology


every drawing should be clumsy, must be a struggle; the subject must maintain its presence by remaining a question mark; the artist must fall in love, in that one specific moment, in that time which is not time at all- with his subject ; must use eyes that gaze omnipresently, critically, but without criticism; every stroke should be an embarkation, an opportunity to sink or swim, or to disappear, like moisture, into cracks on the rocks;¬† ideally there would be complete and mutual immersion/annihilation. no wonder artist’s wives and lovers viewed the artist/muse relationship with suspicion


Picture ds3165 Picture 3167 Picture 3168 Picture 3166 Picture 3170 Picture 3169 Picture 3171 Picture 3172 Picture 3178 Picture 3175 Picture 3174 Picture 3176 Picture 3173 Picture 3177 Picture 3179 Picture 3sa171 Picture 3180

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