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Letter #37

December 30, 2012

Once I was your dog.

Your words, or rather

The sound of your words

Were landscapes I  raced-

The food I ate, the water I drank  tasted of you

I licked the spot where you laid,

Sniffed the things you touched.

When , as  light follows  darkness

You came, stayed for a while, then left, but always returned:

The waiting was excruciating,  your  arrival was close to panic-

But I can’t,  for the life of me

Recall   your name-

I’ve had  many masters since-

But I  remember

What you called  me.



( some recent drawings)


Picture ds3154 Picture 3155 Picture 3157 Picture 3156 Picture 3158 Picture 3159 Picture 3162 Picture 3163 Picture 3160 Picture 3164 Picture 3165 Picture 3161


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