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December 27, 2012

Back to back it should feel as if
We were face to face
And away-
Your scent should linger on my clothes and my tired fingers
Strands of your hair should appear randomly, miraculously
Like a fine unknown script on my shirts
And I should find myself startled in strange places
Touching and holding things up to the light
Envisioning your future glee
Perhaps the inevitable pucker of your lips on my lips
As you throw your arms wildly around my neck-
I imagine a train may rumble by, late at night or at dawn
It will remind us of an animal’s sated growl as we,
Feet entwined
Move slowly under our blanket.

Years hence-
I should wake up day after day
Turn and see your eyelids flutter with dreams
Your neck creased with age, and think
I have come in from the rain
I have come in from the sea
As I count the minutes when your eyes would open
To speak  -again –  my name:

You are my Ithaca.



( random selection of my drawings)


Picture 3001 Picture 2b977 Picture 2214 Picture 2977 Picture 2906 Picture 2895 Picture 2790 Picture 1546 Picture 2798 Picture 2805 Picture 1378 554908_422202401156837_248228374_n 202236_421895471187530_419733661_o Picture 2827 Picture 2829 Picture 2420 DSC06080 Picture 1984 Picture 2027 Pictureq 2037 Picture 1750 Picture 1746 Picture 1744 Picture 1620 Picture 1625 Picture 1575 Picture 1572 Picture 1592 Picture 1590 Picture 2763 Picture 2969

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