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2008 Elegy

November 7, 2012

And so inevitability becomes: so

the polite waiting line

gives way to the urgency of time ( it had spoken long ago )

and they will not see

in the broadest smiles and deliberate acumen

50 years into the future-

these pockets of fear, of unspoken and manifest right-

they will and must  speak of

death. Always.


But a statue  exclaims in fire, seated on a plebeian throne

the old and rotten, the smug and forgetting

burns away for huddled growth

and a new landscape washes ashore

yet distance births blindness

we can only fathom  in the whispers

in the scattered  stories of a city

in the rumbling on the ground

that  this

was not a victory solely for them

the world that had stood in awe and fear

for every imagined paradise on earth

and hell on fatigues, pride of any prejudice-

this was the unfurling  of an oracle

written on parchment two hundred years into  the molding

cracked but  tolling

E Pluribus, E Pluribus

E Pluribus  Unum.







(some recent drawings)


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  1. November 7, 2012 2:34 pm

    There is a ballad-like lullaby in the sway of these words/lines.
    I enjoyed the retelling of this story that one can be many,
    especially at time of election.

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