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July 16, 2012

He took a gulp and said

see-   I don’t like this dependency

always seeing something that’s not there

being a ghost in my own home

this thirst for something that doesn’t come

in a bottle.  And I’m reading my books

and why bother – the words

are saying one thing and I’m getting another


I’ve always preferred  to live like a man on a tightrope

it’s clear cut,  you focus on the next step or

the end of the line

and then this

and I fear misreading the writings  on the walls

see,    it’s all signs

you.   me.    them.



and I hate  the hanging red yellow green lights.

They could be for anyone.

I prefer my own cop solid as daylight

standing there.

When he waves me through , it’s for me

and I’m sure.

I’m terribly

sure .






( some recent drawings)

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