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Letter #31

May 9, 2012

it seemed you were running away

from dark clouds ballooning out at  sea

the weathermen, like a Greek Chorus were cackling

boy oh boy it’s gonna be bad-

this unwanted  something akin to fate, after the fact

and who can guess where it brewed

a mere collection of breath and accidental clutching

retina to retina, eyelash to eyelash

eyes of the storm searching for sunlight

and what are numbers, but numbers. I call ten what you say five

once we agreed five  and ten made  twenty, with a shrug

who’s keeping track in the dark anyway

except the miles in an odometer

the hands on a watch





storms just want to rest.




(some recent drawings )


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IN other news,  I saw Ane Brun at the Bowery last Monday night~





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  1. May 11, 2012 6:44 am

    I love melancholy ….. just beautiful….. thanks for the posting.

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