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Letter #36

February 24, 2012

what I wouldn’t pay
for that  second before
losing an angel
what forests build  in  lifetimes
brush fires take away in days
and you plod heavier
without wings hovering

i’m sorry.

daylight breaks

while your eyes roost
like dark birds on my shoulders





is the search for perfection
by the imperfect

through imperfect means
using imperfect subjects
that is then judged and evaluated by an imperfect audience



( recent drawings)

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and I think communication ultimately isn’t utilitarian,

the mere passing of information, but instantaneous permeation-

when that thing that’s dying to break through your chest escapes and has somewhere to go

and comes back  full  circle

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  1. martin watson permalink
    April 19, 2012 10:21 pm

    Great work. Reminds me of Schiele. Martin Watson

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