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I Take A Step

February 8, 2012

then listen for echoes.

Someone asked me if I’m ever attracted to any of  my models.

Well, before I’m an artist I’m a human being first. And once in a while, you work with someone exceptional or accomplished in some way and you can’t help but feel some attraction for them. I think this nod of respect appears in the art produced. It gives them a dash of unmistakable intensity. The drawings are a little more unique,  compared to other sessions.

The thing is one has to be very careful when this happens.  You struggle to preserve a spirit of trust and cooperation. The four walls, the drawing implements, the brushes, the lights, the drawings scattered on the floor are all accoutrements of a sacred space, a temple of sorts. Some models come to “work”. Some models ( friends) come to do me a favor. Then some models come to participate in a ritual. They come with an almost child-like faith in the process.  These models stand out. They are not models, they are muses.  It’s irrelevant that I am in the room with them. They are simply sunlight.

And one must distinguish between enthusiasm ( which I have plenty of), and attraction. They are not one and the same.



Some recent drawings


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  1. March 10, 2012 12:39 am

    Love your style

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