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Someone Asked

January 22, 2012
someone asked me why I don’t seem to do male nudes. I’ve done them. But there’s no sense of exploration. I’m a guy- I know how a man’s body articulates- all the quirkiness that comes with being a man. There are no question marks. A woman, and a woman’s body on the other hand-will always be the Other. I feel like Magellan every time I set out to draw a woman

and every island looks the same from a distance, but once this cloak of distance is dispelled, every island on closer inspection is infinitely variable

I think ultimately, the explorer explores not to discover, not to stake a claim, but to WONDER.  It’s a powerful addiction.

some recent sketches

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  1. annadefenestrated permalink
    January 22, 2012 10:48 pm

    Hello. Figure model/artist here. I really don’t think you only draw women because you “already know how a man’s body articulates.”

    You just like the female figure more. The drawings are lovely, but about half of them just look like an excuse to look at naked vulvas.

    I also draw because that feeling of wonder captivates me. I wonder equally at the beauty of a woman’s or a man’s figure, and grateful that I have that perspective.

    • January 24, 2012 9:26 am

      that’s actually a response I expected to get from some, that drawing a female body for me eventually becomes a simple ” excuse to look at naked vulvas”. I hesitated to post those images that are more “explicit”, concerned that the images per se will misrepresent a growing trust/ comfort level I have with that particular model and vice versa. I have done tons of standard poses, but I find that when the model loses that sense of what’s public or private our session takes on a whole new dynamic. She becomes whole. Maybe my ideal when it comes to the model/artist is bizarre but in my experience time and again when we get to that point the sessions are always exhilarating, I feel like we’re thinking and moving as one, as if I was posing in her and posing the way I want to draw. Directions become unnecessary. Psychologically as well the model opens up. It doesn’t happen all the time but when it happens it’s amazing.

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