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Then One Day

January 14, 2012

it struck me that all the women in my subway car were  beautiful and interesting regardless of height, weight  and age and I would happily draw every single one of them

provided they posed nude for me.

Something about the surrendering, the trust  ( and the obliteration of  my presence) , the confidence, the acceptance, and finally  the joy from the acceptance of things as they are that  nudity represents fascinates me.
And so I go and ask every female I know to pose nude. Most are offended or alarmed or become suspicious . Some are amused but decline, good-naturedly or  not. And a few jump excitedly, almost conspiratorially at the chance.
Thank  god for these angels, these muses, these few mothers of inspiration. Imagine art without models.

And  yes…

I need a call-model.
Or at least a call list of available models  when. Or ideally a live-in model or modelS.

Or that ONE special model who is anything and everything.
There has to be a name for this  obsession. This search for a Soul-Muse

One of the models I recently sketched was telling me how different artists evince different types  of poses from her. And I completely agree. The relationship between artist and model/muse IS a relationship. There is mutual trust or DIStrust,  camaradery in the creative session or a more business-like  type of   relationship. There is an intimacy that is not intimate perhaps or something more intimate than intimate in some cases.  Sometimes it’s combative- even aggressive. The relationship can be philosophical, or adventurous, or stressful or boring. Just because one person is naked doesn’t mean that only one person feels vulnerable or uneasy or uncomfortable. All these things come out in the drawings or art produced. Ideally there should be  uninterrupted and unobstructed “flow” between artist and model, where the artist inhabits  the model ( as if he himself were posing) and the model commands the artist’s hand ( as she would like to be seen and drawn ). Possibilities should extend in both directions. The worst sessions are where there isn’t “flow”, the model doesn’t step out of her skin or her defenses or  her pedestal, or there isn’t mutual respect or excitement or even curiosity about the endeavor. Times like that I’d rather be drawing lemons.

Anyway  I always hope that my drawings are worthy of the model.




Some recent sketches


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