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Letter #13

March 1, 2011

The Mt. Rushmores  of our childhood

fail and fall   while the Taliban watch  Rambo.

We wait listlessly for the next

episode of Revolution porn

with no commercial interruptions

always rooting  for the underdog

we do love a good story

just like in the movies

hell is not other people-

we are each other’s sit-com

in a Reality TV hell

It’s good to have a job

it gives us something

to complain about ( it’s a water-cooler life after all )

a reason for getting up and slapping  alarm clocks  in the morning

a meter-stick introduction  at a barbecue party or a bar-

a nightmare to bear us sweet dreams in our sleep

and to save us from dreams when we awake-

for most of us , the gift of a

productive life ( face it

most of us can’t make something  out of nothing

in spite of your mother’s reassurances )

our excuse,

so that in the end we could

pronounce with dignity : if only, if only

“try taking the train back and forth

a thousand times, see how you like it

after all, it’s about the ride not the destination”

he said



here’s the punchline.

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