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Merry Christmas and All That Jazz

December 25, 2010

Spirituality should be earned, not handed to you on a silver platter. I think children should be kept away from religions until they’re old enough to really understand their significance and to navigate better in their mazes. Otherwise this “significance” is clouded by rote, by ritual, by habit, by drudgery and boredom, and ingrained bias. Ending mostly in cynicism.

Tonight, in a Catholic Church , as I have seen over and over in other churches, at least for an hour: I saw people reach out to their neighbors brimming with good will, partaking of a vision, a hope, a dream- letting go of themselves and resting  trustingly instead in the hands of the Universe.

The priest’s  sermon was dual in nature: he talked of the birth of Jesus but he also talked about the birth of Jesus in people’s hearts. I interpret this as the awakening of that which is “Christ-like” within us. Then he spoke  about  gift-wrapped “presents” being one focus for this holiday- but he also talked about being “present”  to other people, not just our loved ones but others who may be less fortunate than us in many ways. Ourselves as  THE “presents”. And he also talked about the “presence” of that which is Christ-like. A simple play on words.To me this Christ-like “presence”  means: Loving-kindness, Agape, self-sacrifice, non-greed, humility, non-ignorance,  helpfulness and acceptance. Grace.

How can those be wrong? Does it matter what kind of building it is spoken  in or what kind of decor is inside? Does it make it less right depending on what kind of symbol rests on the highest point  of the building? Does it matter?

Does it matter?

And do YOU speak for your God?



I’m not Catholic. And you are free to scratch out Jesus and replace it with Muhammad, or Buddha, or Moses, or Guru Nanak. Every enlightened Teacher’s emergence should be celebrated. The human specifics are  problematic, but that which is beyond the merely human is godly and pure.



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