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Odds And Ends

November 23, 2010

So many people and yet it feels like a desert sometimes. My lips crack from the dry wind. Where is the oasis they speak of?

In other news, New York City  is great for the sheer  concentration of very talented and dedicated people who live and scrape by here. I’ve met dozens, from the full spectrum of the arts: film makers, actors, dancers, artists of all stripes, writers, musicians. The next big thing could be living below or next to you. And now that I’m here, I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

I finally finished this painting that’s dragged on for two weeks.

I’m excited about the next one. Anyway, I’d love to live in a loft- I’m always craning my neck up  at the loft buildings  around my neighborhood  and positively drool gazing at their wall-sized windows. One day, one day. Soon.

A new poem I wrote :

Orpheus With Breasts

I want to burn in the  fire

walk on the  shivering wire

push against the blade with my neck

so I may rest   my head

on your plate

I will be the bird in the bush

a noisy target for your bow

as you gently, then urgently

cut and saw  the string

that won’t break

and the string will  plait   what the bird could not hymn

as ants pry his eyes wide open

as he hides in the curling leaves

shy as stone.

Do we understand

each other?


I’ve always been fascinated by  words and images together. When I was about 7 or 8   my father gave me his old Webster dictionary from his college days. It was beautifully bound- but more importantly for me, it had very good illustrations. So words and images referring to an idea or object, and yet in and of themselves, completely separate and perhaps arbitrary.  Someday I’d like to be able to combine both of these obsessions in my work.

These are pages from my sketchbooks  from last year when  I decided to draw on the trains to help me get my drawing skills back up to par after  not drawing for a long time. It’s a great exercise for quickly ascertaining the volume and the “slouch” of the bodies without getting entangled in details- there’s always the threat of people leaving, or getting blocked by other commuters. It also helps your focus since the more you draw in public, the less self-conscious you get. You focus  and concentrate more on looking and  drawing, nothing else.

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