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“ In a snowfall that covers the winter grass a white heron uses his own whiteness to disappear.”

May 5, 2015

several weeks back I was staying with the person most dear to me, and she made me coffee before she left for work.
as I drank the coffee I noticed that the inside of the cup had fine craquelure all over and as I drank more of the coffee until empty the fine cracks got more pronounced and bolder at the bottom of the cup.
it was unexpected. it was a gradual surprise. perhaps unintended. but it made drinking the coffee and the coffee itself 100 times better.
on the outside bottom of the cup it said “Made In Japan”. probably circa 1950’s.
details, details.


imagine if you will a portrait which is not a semblance, a nude painting missing a body, a conversation without subject and object, a history: of everything.

that. that would be something



IMG_20150424_175841 IMG_20150424_175728 IMG_20150424_155929 IMG_20150424_141020 IMG_20150424_125902 IMG_20150424_134525 IMG_20150424_180008 IMG_20150424_175638 IMG_20150424_175925  IMG_20150422_101905



IMG_20150508_183504IMG_20150505_121732 IMG_20150505_121941 IMG_20150505_121705 IMG_20150505_121801 IMG_20150505_121828 IMG_20150505_121854 IMG_20150505_121918 IMG_20150505_122012 IMG_20150505_122038  IMG_20150505_122124IMG_20150505_122102 IMG_20150505_122150  IMG_20150505_114622


IMG_20150505_122336 IMG_20150505_122523  IMG_20150505_122501IMG_20150505_122419 IMG_20150505_122358  IMG_20150505_122440IMG_20150505_122312 IMG_20150505_122224 IMG_20150505_122249 IMG_20150505_122610 IMG_20150501_140225   IMG_20150505_114755


IMG_20150505_121639 IMG_20150505_121555  IMG_20150505_121259 IMG_20150505_121122 IMG_20150505_121200 IMG_20150505_121229 IMG_20150505_121332 IMG_20150503_163432


IMG_20150429_011820 IMG_20150429_011626 IMG_20150429_011242 IMG_20150429_011651 IMG_20150429_011154 IMG_20150429_011326 IMG_20150429_011522 IMG_20150429_011554 IMG_20150428_132304 IMG_20150429_011723 IMG_20150427_065256

“Now that you’ve found it, it’s gone… Now that you feel it, you don’t”

April 18, 2015

so here I am, painting, and it dawns on me that  the only way the painting can realize itself is within the painting itself.

let it answer its own questions- don’t get in the way, and bring something from the outside.

in this case, you have to think “inside the box”. the answer is within the box.

fuck thinking “outside the box”. it’s overrated and

meaningless. the problem is literally in the box-

thus the answer is somewhere in it.

to think otherwise is to be tangential- to be beside the point

to be art-ificial


the story ended as it began :

a lone wolf was found dead in the snow



IMG_20150403_114704 IMG_20150403_125457 IMG_20150403_131425 IMG_20150403_125334 IMG_20150403_120156 IMG_20150403_121000 IMG_20150403_120413 IMG_20150403_120252 IMG_20150403_121106



IMG_20150418_165904 IMG_20150418_165715 IMG_20150418_165806 IMG_20150418_165615


IMG_20150418_145057 IMG_20150418_143922 IMG_20150418_144219 IMG_20150418_144337 IMG_20150418_160714 IMG_20150418_160701 IMG_20150418_144159 IMG_20150419_095918IMG_20150418_144952IMG_20150418_144832




IMG_20150418_160203 IMG_20150418_160135 IMG_20150418_155804 IMG_20150418_160542 IMG_20150418_155524 IMG_20150418_160237 IMG_20150418_160029 IMG_20150418_160432 IMG_20150418_160103 IMG_20150418_155910 IMG_20150418_155450 IMG_20150418_155603 IMG_20150418_155642 IMG_20150418_155945 IMG_20150418_155728 IMG_20150418_155845 IMG_20150418_134952 IMG_20150418_135024 IMG_20150418_170304

” i am all the days- that you choose to ignore “

April 2, 2015

You draw not to copy but to notice


How to find some kind of reasonable balance between life, art, and work…art predominating-

and this thing where one thing ends- let’s say a life, and another begins. I want them both…

if it’s a boy: Lucien Keone ( nickname Luke-Lucien from Lucien Freud the painter,  Keone is Hawaiian for John…

and if it’s a girl, Elise Martha ( Elise, from the Cure song- nickname Eli) )




11050327_988940347784678_2927732180494091113_oIMG_20150322_065030 IMG_20150322_065249  IMG_20150322_065425 IMG_20150322_065220 IMG_20150401_222222 IMG_20150401_222119 IMG_20150401_222145 IMG_20150401_222028



IMG_20150325_114511 IMG_20150325_114428 IMG_20150325_114209 IMG_20150325_114134 IMG_20150325_114244 IMG_20150325_114543 IMG_20150325_114329 IMG_20150325_114606 IMG_20150401_222422



IMG_20150326_161305 IMG_20150326_161633 IMG_20150401_185441 IMG_20150401_184452 IMG_20150401_184522 IMG_20150401_184738 IMG_20150401_184711 IMG_20150401_184803 IMG_20150401_184830 IMG_20150401_184623IMG_20150401_185134 IMG_20150401_184959 IMG_20150326_162304 IMG_20150326_113255293_HDRs



IMG_20150325_114007 IMG_20150325_113944 IMG_20150325_114100 IMG_20150401_183834 IMG_20150325_113802 IMG_20150323_190116178_HDR IMG_20150328_165816 IMG_20150328_170002 IMG_20150328_165941 IMG_20150328_165920 IMG_20150326_195551364_HDR



IMG_20150401_185504 IMG_20150401_185558 IMG_20150401_185725 IMG_20150401_185529IMG_20150401_185405 IMG_20150401_185650  IMG_20150401_185331IMG_20150329_054454



IMG_20150401_185232IMG_20150401_185304 IMG_20150401_185207 IMG_20150330_093535



IMG_20150401_184336 IMG_20150401_184427IMG_20150401_184311 IMG_20150401_183904 IMG_20150401_184127  IMG_20150401_183944 IMG_20150401_184207IMG_20150401_184051 IMG_20150401_184235 IMG_20150401_184018   11090826_996296047049108_7672169720685607551_o



the dog of my life, my art assistant Ripley had to go through surgery recently-

and the biopsy result wasn’t good but at least she’s healing well, for now

IMG_20150327_180251447 IMG_20150327_174712600 IMG_20150328_122007910_HDR IMG_20150328_122342 IMG_20150401_182725049_HDR


“Sail on by, sail on by for now
They play naked in the water
You know it’s hard, heaven knows I’ve tried
But it just keeps getting harder…
So won’t you lay me, won’t you lay me down
Won’t you lay me, won’t you lay me down “

“All actual life is encounter.” ― Martin Buber

March 6, 2015

this isn’t erotica- this isn’t titillation- this is the rude slap of leaves and branches on your face just before you walk into a forest clearing, or a path- and you see: being. being, being, being: complex, fascinating,multi-hued, shifting shimmering Other


one thing I’m fascinated with are creatives who perform publicly: the singers, dancers, actors. their art happens mostly “in situ”, in the moment, requiring an audience ( and the energy that transfers back and forth), on a stage or under the scrutiny of a spotlight; my work happens in a cave, so to speak- in the dark and relative silence, wrestling with proverbial demons- and then something is left, some trace that perhaps a public ( including myself) will look at “a posteriori.”

I should look into this


I’m participating in a salon show this Sunday, March 8th at 7 pm, at The Living Gallery. There’s a Q&A portion for the artists. Figured I’d do it since I’ve never done this before. My  ” do something different once a week ” thing, I guess.




IMG_20150303_133356 IMG_20150303_133446 IMG_20150303_133310 IMG_20150303_133823 IMG_20150306_111808 IMG_20150303_133101 IMG_20150303_133205 IMG_20150221_143144 11002675_976832295662150_8083722513008876791_o

IMG_20150303_132312 IMG_20150303_132450 IMG_20150303_132326 IMG_20150303_132756  IMG_20150303_132627IMG_20150303_132919


“Difficult Pleasure”

February 20, 2015

sometimes she would crawl inside my skin, pushing here and there, grasping, pinching and poking- stretching me from the inside; and through her I learn better where I begin and where I end, where I break and where I gather up-

she curls up inside me like a curious fetus, a something without a name- my inner cave hiding wondrous images


Altamira caves and Lascaux. And then the Sistine Chapel…I can’t help feeling that between one and the other, something was lost. The Sistine Chapel to me looks needlessly excessive and decadent- crass; not the height but the dregs, like leftover grind and sugar in the bottom of a mug

maybe the best art we as a species have ever made, were created in darkness and silence-fugitive as drawings scrawled on an Australian boulder with the sap of a twig, or eroding under tropical rain


MOST RECENT WORK  ( the fluid, less-finished ones are warm up drawings done, with my left hand )

IMG_20150212_103809 IMG_20150210_190317 IMG_20150212_104246 IMG_20150220_132323 IMG_20150212_104910 IMG_20150212_104504 IMG_20150211_064029 IMG_20150220_133339 IMG_20150220_133642 IMG_20150220_133441 IMG_20150220_133551 IMG_20150220_133944 IMG_20150220_133107 IMG_20150220_133759 IMG_20150220_134106 IMG_20150206_190829 IMG_20150220_125247 IMG_20150220_125400 IMG_20150220_131220 IMG_20150220_125452 IMG_20150220_131114 IMG_20150220_130248 IMG_20150220_130408 IMG_20150220_130100 IMG_20150220_125627 IMG_20150220_115420 IMG_20150220_115620 IMG_20150220_121206 IMG_20150220_115753 IMG_20150220_122934 IMG_20150220_121412 IMG_20150220_122726 IMG_20150206_214820591 IMG_20150212_110629 IMG_20150212_110837 IMG_20150212_111007 IMG_20150212_110732 IMG_20150207_125352 IMG_20150212_105901 IMG_20150212_104748 IMG_20150212_110147 IMG_20150212_110023 IMG_20150212_105436 IMG_20150207_190623 IMG_20150208_065118 IMG_20150207_172608 IMG_20150208_070431 IMG_20150207_144251 IMG_20150207_122524 IMG_20150206_103957 IMG_20150206_103518 IMG_20150206_103117 IMG_20150220_132130 IMG_20150220_131824 IMG_20150220_131944 IMG_20150220_111446 IMG_20150207_121235 IMG_20150207_120744 IMG_20150207_120412 IMG_20150212_104134 IMG_20150207_120513 IMG_20150207_121442


January 23, 2015

what burns is not Art.

what does not burn is not Art.

does the infant cradle the infirm? or is  the wasting on their  deathbed

caress the infant?

a tree sprouts  a seed in its maturity;

this seed, tiny and hard, contains in its shell

all the lives of the tree, and promises a  forest.



I grow older and  grow more inward.

I grow less patient with those who don’t get IT-

explain an ocean to a lake?

simultaneously I grow more and more patient

with those who don’t get it. I stop explaining oceans-

and talk about their lakes

their puddles,

their sewage systems.

water is water

after all


I have added a new step to my drawing process:

draw with my left hand, then both my left and right hand to warm up.

anything to break up my complacency , my routine.

and I’ve combined ink- wash and chalk,

wet and dry.

wet. and  dry.

I continue to try to do something different every week



IMG_20150122_090617 IMG_20150122_090723 IMG_20150122_090347 IMG_20150122_090444 IMG_20150122_085959 IMG_20150122_085452


January 16, 2015

I have an ancestor who, due to violent physical trauma ( from one of the Wars), got unhinged- became homeless, wore rags, dug up tubers and ate fruits- lived off of what people in the town gave him, made bonfires and slept in the warm ash. My father used to go looking for him with me in tow- we would find him, and my father and he would just squat close to each other silently- the near-naked gaunt, long-haired old man with the stubborn square chin- my father with the same stubborn chin dressed in city clothes…I always felt that ancestor of mine did it for me, for us, so we wouldn’t have to do it ( be homeless, be hungry, be alone )

and sometimes  now, at night – when the daily mundane worries of my adult life lifts off me and my bed like stale breath, from the loam of my semi-sleep I find myself in that man’s body:  watching the town below from a hill, the grit of warm ash against my skin and the smell of burnt wood, the sounds coming from the town waking up, and this invisible lock clamped over my mouth

the townies used to mockingly call him “Tarzan”.

His real name was Bernan.


1/10- 1/16/15  ( some of these drawings were done with my left and right hand , simultaneously )


IMG_20150117_095211 IMG_20150117_094736 IMG_20150117_094913 IMG_20150117_095318 IMG_20150117_085512 IMG_20150117_093008 IMG_20150116_200904 IMG_20150116_200954 IMG_20150116_140527


IMG_20150116_105548 IMG_20150116_105058 IMG_20150116_105222 IMG_20150116_105655 IMG_20150116_104908 IMG_20150116_112839 IMG_20150116_105939 IMG_20150115_202953


IMG_20150116_102922 IMG_20150116_102432 IMG_20150116_102724 IMG_20150116_104709 IMG_20150116_104408 IMG_20150116_104212 IMG_20150116_112942




IMG_20150116_100915 IMG_20150116_100740 IMG_20150116_101053 IMG_20150116_100748 IMG_20150116_101917 IMG_20150116_101850 IMG_20150116_102042









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