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“All actual life is encounter.” ― Martin Buber

March 6, 2015

this isn’t erotica- this isn’t titillation- this is the rude slap of leaves and branches on your face just before you walk into a forest clearing, or a path- and you see: being. being, being, being: complex, fascinating,multi-hued, shifting shimmering Other


one thing I’m fascinated with are creatives who perform publicly: the singers, dancers, actors. their art happens mostly “in situ”, in the moment, requiring an audience ( and the energy that transfers back and forth), on a stage or under the scrutiny of a spotlight; my work happens in a cave, so to speak- in the dark and relative silence, wrestling with proverbial demons- and then something is left, some trace that perhaps a public ( including myself) will look at “a posteriori.”

I should look into this


I’m participating in a salon show this Sunday, March 8th at 7 pm, at The Living Gallery. There’s a Q&A portion for the artists. Figured I’d do it since I’ve never done this before. My  ” do something different once a week ” thing, I guess.




IMG_20150303_133356 IMG_20150303_133446 IMG_20150303_133310 IMG_20150303_133823 IMG_20150306_111808 IMG_20150303_133101 IMG_20150303_133205 IMG_20150221_143144 11002675_976832295662150_8083722513008876791_o

IMG_20150303_132312 IMG_20150303_132450 IMG_20150303_132326 IMG_20150303_132756  IMG_20150303_132627IMG_20150303_132919


“Difficult Pleasure”

February 20, 2015

sometimes she would crawl inside my skin, pushing here and there, grasping, pinching and poking- stretching me from the inside; and through her I learn better where I begin and where I end, where I break and where I gather up-

she curls up inside me like a curious fetus, a something without a name- my inner cave hiding wondrous images


Altamira caves and Lascaux. And then the Sistine Chapel…I can’t help feeling that between one and the other, something was lost. The Sistine Chapel to me looks needlessly excessive and decadent- crass; not the height but the dregs, like leftover grind and sugar in the bottom of a mug

maybe the best art we as a species have ever made, were created in darkness and silence-fugitive as drawings scrawled on an Australian boulder with the sap of a twig, or eroding under tropical rain


MOST RECENT WORK  ( the fluid, less-finished ones are warm up drawings done, with my left hand )

IMG_20150212_103809 IMG_20150210_190317 IMG_20150212_104246 IMG_20150220_132323 IMG_20150212_104910 IMG_20150212_104504 IMG_20150211_064029 IMG_20150220_133339 IMG_20150220_133642 IMG_20150220_133441 IMG_20150220_133551 IMG_20150220_133944 IMG_20150220_133107 IMG_20150220_133759 IMG_20150220_134106 IMG_20150206_190829 IMG_20150220_125247 IMG_20150220_125400 IMG_20150220_131220 IMG_20150220_125452 IMG_20150220_131114 IMG_20150220_130248 IMG_20150220_130408 IMG_20150220_130100 IMG_20150220_125627 IMG_20150220_115420 IMG_20150220_115620 IMG_20150220_121206 IMG_20150220_115753 IMG_20150220_122934 IMG_20150220_121412 IMG_20150220_122726 IMG_20150206_214820591 IMG_20150212_110629 IMG_20150212_110837 IMG_20150212_111007 IMG_20150212_110732 IMG_20150207_125352 IMG_20150212_105901 IMG_20150212_104748 IMG_20150212_110147 IMG_20150212_110023 IMG_20150212_105436 IMG_20150207_190623 IMG_20150208_065118 IMG_20150207_172608 IMG_20150208_070431 IMG_20150207_144251 IMG_20150207_122524 IMG_20150206_103957 IMG_20150206_103518 IMG_20150206_103117 IMG_20150220_132130 IMG_20150220_131824 IMG_20150220_131944 IMG_20150220_111446 IMG_20150207_121235 IMG_20150207_120744 IMG_20150207_120412 IMG_20150212_104134 IMG_20150207_120513 IMG_20150207_121442


January 23, 2015

what burns is not Art.

what does not burn is not Art.

does the infant cradle the aged? or is  the wasting on their  deathbed

possess the infant?

a tree grows to sprout a seed in its maturity;

this seed, tiny and hard, contains all the lives of the tree

and promises a  forest.


yes, post-ential


I grow older and older and  I grow inward.

I grow less patient with those who don’t get IT-

explain an ocean to a lake?

simultaneously I grow more and more patient

with those who don’t get it. I stop explaining oceans-

and talk about their lakes

their puddles,

their sewage systems.

water is water

after all


I have added a new step to my drawing process:

draw with my left hand, then both my left and right hand to warm up.

anything to break up my complacency , my routine.

and I’ve combined ink- wash and chalk,

wet and dry.

wet. and  dry.

I continue to try to do something different every week



IMG_20150122_090617 IMG_20150122_090723 IMG_20150122_090347 IMG_20150122_090444 IMG_20150122_085959 IMG_20150122_085452


January 16, 2015

I have an ancestor who, due to violent physical trauma ( from one of the Wars), got unhinged- became homeless, wore rags, dug up tubers and ate fruits- lived off of what people in the town gave him, made bonfires and slept in the warm ash. My father used to go looking for him with me in tow- we would find him, and my father and he would just squat close to each other silently- the near-naked gaunt, long-haired old man with the stubborn square chin- my father with the same stubborn chin dressed in city clothes…I always felt that ancestor of mine did it for me, for us, so we wouldn’t have to do it ( be homeless, be hungry, be alone )

and sometimes  now, at night – when the daily mundane worries of my adult life lifts off me and my bed like stale breath, from the loam of my semi-sleep I find myself in that man’s body:  watching the town below from a hill, the grit of warm ash against my skin and the smell of burnt wood, the sounds coming from the town waking up, and this invisible lock clamped over my mouth

the townies used to mockingly call him “Tarzan”.

His real name was Bernan.


1/10- 1/16/15  ( some of these drawings were done with my left and right hand , simultaneously )


IMG_20150117_095211 IMG_20150117_094736 IMG_20150117_094913 IMG_20150117_095318 IMG_20150117_085512 IMG_20150117_093008 IMG_20150116_200904 IMG_20150116_200954 IMG_20150116_140527


IMG_20150116_105548 IMG_20150116_105058 IMG_20150116_105222 IMG_20150116_105655 IMG_20150116_104908 IMG_20150116_112839 IMG_20150116_105939 IMG_20150115_202953


IMG_20150116_102922 IMG_20150116_102432 IMG_20150116_102724 IMG_20150116_104709 IMG_20150116_104408 IMG_20150116_104212 IMG_20150116_112942




IMG_20150116_100915 IMG_20150116_100740 IMG_20150116_101053 IMG_20150116_100748 IMG_20150116_101917 IMG_20150116_101850 IMG_20150116_102042








First Sessions Of 2015

January 10, 2015


IMG_20150110_162759 IMG_20150110_162012 IMG_20150110_162124 IMG_20150110_161742 10915081_951980204814026_6495750684619039515_o


IMG_20150110_155158 IMG_20150110_155452 IMG_20150110_155940 IMG_20150110_155609 IMG_20150110_155101 IMG_20150110_155718 IMG_20150110_155008 IMG_20150110_154911 IMG_20150110_154617 IMG_20150110_154416 IMG_20150110_154442 IMG_20150110_154216 IMG_20150110_154111 IMG_20150110_130336



Not A New Year’s Resolution, But My Own Guide- Moving Forward

1. Don’t be complacent.

2. Think it through once, then make a decision- but stay nimble.

3. Less patience. More patience.

4. Know your values. Know your priorities.

5. Find the right people.

6. Go somewhere far away once a year.

7. Do something different once a week.

8. Do more art, see more art, talk more art.

9. Take care of your body.

10. What comes, comes. What stays, stays. What goes, goes.

Two Friends ( modeling back-to-back )

January 2, 2015



IMG_20150102_142947 IMG_20150102_141116 IMG_20150102_143510 IMG_20150102_143647 IMG_20150102_14334310457710_944620455550001_2016636126447899166_o


IMG_20150102_143913 IMG_20150102_144652 IMG_20150102_144536 IMG_20150102_145252 IMG_20150102_145039 IMG_20150102_145410

Recent Sessions

December 17, 2014


IMG_20141217_132556 IMG_20141217_124215 IMG_20141217_132129 IMG_20141217_124128 IMG_20141217_130703 IMG_20141217_124551 IMG_20141217_130507 IMG_20141217_124452 IMG_20141217_132020 IMG_20141217_124329 IMG_20141217_124653 IMG_20141216_210338 IMG_20141216_210426


IMG_20141217_134501 IMG_20141217_134649 IMG_20141217_135429 IMG_20141217_133832 IMG_20141217_134355 IMG_20141217_134559 IMG_20141215_213126404_HDR IMG_20141215_213200722_HDR IMG_20141215_213204060_HDR


IMG_20141217_010639 IMG_20141217_122916 IMG_20141217_123032 IMG_20141217_122204 IMG_20141217_122624 IMG_20141217_075201 IMG_20141216_222758


IMG_20141220_083055 IMG_20141220_082805 IMG_20141220_082700 IMG_20141220_155923 IMG_20141220_082538 IMG_20141220_082926 IMG_20141220_083320 IMG_20141218_161157 IMG_20141218_161002033_HDR IMG_20141218_160954321


IMG_20141220_155643 IMG_20141220_160117 IMG_20141220_141416 IMG_20141220_160235 IMG_20141220_131507 IMG_20141220_123844 IMG_20141220_131330 IMG_20141220_132250


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