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November 13, 2015

really. vision isn’t steady, like a camera on a tripod…
while you’re looking your eyeballs are pulsing, blood is coursing through your body, your head bobs, your heart pumps, your lungs expand and fill up, gravity is asserting itself- subtly collapsing your entire frame down.
vision isn’t steady.
vision is a nervous wreck.
vision is a fight or flight response.

vision is suppositions, filling-in-the-blanks

oceanic gaps and




IMG_20151113_124437 IMG_20151113_125723 IMG_20151113_124743 IMG_20151113_130008 IMG_20151113_112602 IMG_20151113_121137 IMG_20151113_125843 IMG_20151113_121347 IMG_20151113_130212 IMG_20151113_121410 IMG_20151113_125108 IMG_20151113_131256 IMG_20151113_121755 IMG_20151113_125543 IMG_20151113_121815 IMG_20151113_121824 IMG_20151113_124143IMG_20151113_112048


IMG_20151113_132228 IMG_20151113_133118 IMG_20151113_132416 IMG_20151113_132856 IMG_20151113_133026 IMG_20151113_132257 IMG_20151113_133157 IMG_20151113_132448 IMG_20151113_132940 IMG_20151113_132342 IMG_20151113_132558 IMG_20151113_132644 IMG_20151113_133241 IMG_20151113_132730 IMG_20151113_132824 IMG_20151113_133333

“that each should stand guard over the solitude of the other”

November 8, 2015


IMG_20151108_135644 IMG_20151108_134207 IMG_20151108_141315 IMG_20151108_140228 IMG_20151108_144006 IMG_20151108_150153 IMG_20151108_141437 IMG_20151108_144913 IMG_20151108_144457 IMG_20151101_234045IMG_20151101_230202 IMG_20151108_150613


IMG_20151101_153311 IMG_20151101_152806 IMG_20151101_154101 IMG_20151101_153615 IMG_20151101_153432 IMG_20151101_154838 IMG_20151101_153047 IMG_20151101_154623 IMG_20151101_154301 IMG_20151101_154439 IMG_20151101_153157IMG_20151025_145224988 IMG_20151025_145059 IMG_20151026_222423 IMG_20151025_174343

“life is in the right, always”

October 25, 2015

these days, I don’t have a lot of words, only wonder


Icarus did not fly in vain


one of  the best legacies  you can leave your offspring is the notion that happiness is found by finding your true calling then pursuing it with every breath

courage or cowardice?



IMG_20151025_194529 IMG_20151025_200423 IMG_20151025_200124 IMG_20151025_195241 IMG_20151025_121349 IMG_20151025_195332 IMG_20151025_200633 IMG_20151025_130626 IMG_20151025_194836 IMG_20151019_093423 IMG_20151025_200205 IMG_20151025_200543 IMG_20151025_121442 IMG_20151025_194928 IMG_20151025_195107 IMG_20151025_195159 IMG_20151025_200314 IMG_20151019_093215  IMG_20151018_201247IMG_20151019_100707IMG_20151019_014440IMG_20151018_212821721IMG_20151025_023228  IMG_20151019_100509   IMG_20151019_014919


IMG_20151025_120937 IMG_20151025_115309 IMG_20151025_115137 IMG_20151025_115041 IMG_20151025_115440

IMG_20151020_213413 IMG_20151022_002345IMG_20151020_204807



IMG_20150907_221124 IMG_20151016_142649

“for here there is no place that does not see you. You must change your life”

October 4, 2015

In a time of visual hit-and-runs, make the image a climax, a revelation. Let em work for it


Navels. I’m facinated by navels. everyone has one. a reminder that if someone had not been selfless at some point, we would not have made it here. to become monsters or angels, or whatever’s in between.


Here’s a fact: you will never stare at another human being as much as you will stare at your own baby- not your greatest lover, not your spouse, not your best friend.

Experience is two-edged; it can either open you up or cocoon you into a seeming reality. Mostly it’s the latter. So beware.


Somewhere there’s a quote by Rilke: “I want to be with those who know secret things or else alone…”

that would characterize me  in my personal life, and socially. at work,  it keeps me frustrated. time and again, ( perhaps grossly misplaced) I look for bosses who are sages, who are true teachers and leaders. instead I find men who are simply trying to hold on to their jobs: defensive and afraid, narrow-minded, petty or manipulative. Instead of nurturing, bold, visionary, creative or inspiring.  this is ” reality “. everyone’s gotta keep paying the bills, right? it is, after all “work”, not an ashram. there are no giants out there.

just ants building anthills



                                            IMG_20151004_163506 IMG_20151004_163407 IMG_20151004_163536 IMG_20151004_163321IMG_20151004_171149 IMG_20151004_163250 IMG_20151004_163438 IMG_20151004_163638


IMG_20150929_233948 IMG_20151004_175158 IMG_20151004_175345


IMG_20151004_164104 IMG_20151004_164227 IMG_20151004_164125 IMG_20151004_163739 IMG_20151004_164038 IMG_20151004_163717 IMG_20151004_163915 IMG_20151004_164015  IMG_20151004_163845IMG_20151004_163803

IMG_20150918_024630 IMG_20150918_025026 IMG_20150918_025646  IMG_20150918_025958IMG_20150918_083511IMG_20150918_083422


IMG_20151004_164348 IMG_20151004_164418 IMG_20151004_164441 IMG_20151004_164317 IMG_20151004_164506 IMG_20151004_164539 IMG_20151004_164524


IMG_20151004_143635 IMG_20151004_145538 IMG_20151004_145401 IMG_20151004_145113 IMG_20151004_145158 IMG_20151004_145222 IMG_20151004_145244 IMG_20151004_145310 IMG_20151004_145459 IMG_20151004_145616 IMG_20151004_164549


August 15, 2015

An earthworm experiences its world internally through its mouth, and through its entire skin, externally. To it, the world is solid. Exposed to air, to “nothing”, it is completely perplexed


the danger of complacency- the security of repeating yourself


bone-dog living on the fringes of towns

familiar just enough with the streets and alleys

startles at the squirm of curtains


loving someone is like driving- you’re only ever sure of how you’re driving on your side of the road, not how the other person(s) will drive on theirs.  you love anyway- until you don’t



11882311_1065645503447495_6548734440559112494_o IMG_20150814_110343 IMG_20150814_110406  IMG_20150814_110037 IMG_20150814_110255 IMG_20150814_110430 IMG_20150814_110005 IMG_20150814_110456 IMG_20150814_105903IMG_20150814_105932IMG_20150813_203729


                IMG_20150814_104832 IMG_20150814_104741 IMG_20150814_104720 IMG_20150814_104253 IMG_20150814_104806 IMG_20150814_104104 IMG_20150814_103808 IMG_20150814_103915 IMG_20150814_104008 IMG_20150814_104139IMG_20150814_104429  IMG_20150814_104206 IMG_20150814_104231 IMG_20150814_104041 IMG_20150814_104359 IMG_20150814_104325


IMG_20150814_105509 IMG_20150814_105421 IMG_20150814_105810 IMG_20150814_105656 IMG_20150814_105740 IMG_20150814_105120 IMG_20150814_105602 IMG_20150814_105335 IMG_20150814_104854 IMG_20150814_105150 IMG_20150814_105247 IMG_20150814_105217 IMG_20150814_105309 IMG_20150814_105357 IMG_20150814_105539 IMG_20150814_105627 IMG_20150814_105831 IMG_20150814_105444

“All Art Is Exorcism”

July 29, 2015

Everything is a Path, individually tailored.

What matters is the lesson they’re teaching you.

Love your path for that reason. Don’t fall in love with it.


Every class struggle began as a personal struggle.

Every public paradigm shift began privately…and if truly meaningful,

continues and evolves privately.

It’s easy enough and quite convenient

to join the latest Cause Du Jour.

Know your values.

A boulder in the middle of surging rivers.


I started a painting.


Every time I pick up a brush I am a beginner again.

Beginner’s Awareness.

My one regret: forgetting to clean my brushes afterwards.



11722490_1054994881179224_723895390401080042_o IMG_20150729_094836 IMG_20150729_104746 IMG_20150729_105010 IMG_20150729_104809 IMG_20150729_105040IMG_20150729_105119IMG_20150729_105143 IMG_20150722_211320 IMG_20150725_120400 IMG_20150722_183310


IMG_20150729_105559 IMG_20150729_104844 IMG_20150729_105332 IMG_20150729_105517 IMG_20150729_105539 IMG_20150729_105403 IMG_20150729_105423 IMG_20150729_105447 IMG_20150729_105621IMG_20150729_104929IMG_20150729_105209IMG_20150729_105231IMG_20150729_105307

11722565_1051393624872683_2778659912741586404_o IMG_20150722_150227 IMG_20150722_145622 IMG_20150722_143525

” I am writing this in my old age. I used to call myself Hokusai, but today I sign my self ‘The Old Man Mad About Drawing.”

July 8, 2015

stuff happens.

first the phone cracked

then the pc crashed

then work transferred me

and I had to re-adjust.

and an amazing thing is growing.   there-

stuff happens.


not interested in control,

nor sad and tired powerplaygenderpoliticking;

i’m interested in generosity, courage,  Lorca’s “duende” –

some chutzpah.

i want to draw on the sidelines and simultaneously shout

!Ole!  !Ole!


i want to make bad paintings.

i SHOULD, I ALLOW myself to  make lots of bad paintings and drawings.

the problem honestly is i’m afraid of making bad art . it paralyzes.

i need to make a lot of mistakes. it’s ok. perfection is ignorance, immaturity. mistakes are lessons. bridges beyond,

you learn

from mistakes- they make you AWARE, they humble…perfection is complacency. smugness.

make lots of mistakes, make lots of crappy art. it’s ok. in the end , it’s all about necessity.



IMG_20150708_180745 IMG_20150708_180540 IMG_20150708_180918 IMG_20150708_180417 IMG_20150708_180809 IMG_20150708_180436 IMG_20150708_180606 IMG_20150708_180654 IMG_20150708_180853 IMG_20150708_175637 IMG_20150708_181009 IMG_20150708_180941IMG_20150708_180831 IMG_20150708_180724IMG_20150708_180350



IMG_20150708_181114 IMG_20150708_181158 IMG_20150708_181047 IMG_20150708_181136 IMG_20150708_181029 IMG_20150708_181218


IMG_20150708_180309 IMG_20150708_180224 IMG_20150708_180328 IMG_20150708_175800 IMG_20150708_180140 IMG_20150708_175941 IMG_20150708_175918 IMG_20150708_175941 IMG_20150708_180003 IMG_20150708_175530 IMG_20150708_180056 IMG_20150708_180118 IMG_20150708_175852 IMG_20150708_175458 IMG_20150708_175421 IMG_20150708_175731 IMG_20150708_175824 IMG_20150708_180032 IMG_20150708_175601 IMG_20150618_085830


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