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Stuff, And Drawings From Recent Sessions

October 23, 2014

it’s like you’re this one-winged thing flapping around on the ground- then maybe you find another- also floundering around with one wing. then by holding on to each other you both manage to lift off…

yes. I wanna draw it like it’s a fucking elbow. demystify. defetishize. face the Minotaur in the labyrinth. then sit across the Minotaur , drink wine and discuss global economies and poetry and why it prefers  a certain place as opposed to another- whether nostalgia plays a role…


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This And That ( and work from recent sessions)

October 15, 2014

so to see the backbone of New York City, take a train ride at 5:30- 6am in the morning from any of the outer boroughs…one of those mornings I noticed a poster behind one of these early morning commuters; it was about an art show somewhere highlighting the working class, and I just know that that tired person nodding asleep in front of the poster has not noticed it- and if she did, it would be just like some random graffiti scrawl on the wall or runes on a rock: meaningless

and then, uncharacteristically, some days sudden panic attacks that punch me in the gut…looking around in that subway car: baby carriages, that veined hand on a cane, the two teenagers kissing, the man with the briefcase, that pretty woman with green hair and another clutching Rite-Aid bags, a screaming child. sort of being in a time capsule…this is all we will ever know. all the life we will ever have.all these will be gone. but not before growing cancers or tumors, killing, hating, loving, disappointing, lusting, mixed with degrees of ignorance and self-righteousness- all swirling in a vat of endless necessity. points of necessity connecting to constellations of needs and wants and priorities. and the only thing that gives me my breath back are those moments only my ears and eyes and skin have seen, rare and isolated , and within the context of that subway car: utterly meaningless

Picture 271 Picture 273 Picture 272 Picture 274 Picture 248 Picture 268 Picture 267 Picture 264 Picture 266 Picture 265 Picture 270 Picture 260 Picture 256 Picture 263 Picture 262 Picture 261 Picture 255 Picture 259 Picture 258 Picture 257 Picture 254 Picture 253 Picture 247 Picture 252 Picture 251 Picture 250 Picture 249 Picture 246 Picture 243 Picture 242 Picture 241 Picture 240

Yesterday’s Session, New Digs, Etc.

October 4, 2014

Below are drawings from my most recent session, as well as pictures of my newly re-painted room ( from the original bright orange walls). There’s also a picture of  my improvised night light which works perfectly. If I manage to find a good balance between work and art I predict a very productive year ahead in this new place!

Picture 237 Picture 238 Picture 236 Picture 232 Picture 235 Picture 233 Picture 231 10608744_886644214680959_5801186538893492397_o 10582841_890184417660272_1943787760256850552_o 10628927_890184137660300_4179222281252891698_o10469315_890184330993614_2493744749180743975_o 10624053_893202260691821_1879406359952430485_o  10697327_891622837516430_4778187586218853974_o

Last Two Sessions

October 3, 2014

Picture 221 Picture 224 Picture 223 Picture 222 Picture 225 Picture 228 Picture 226 Picture 229 Picture 227 Picture 230


September 27, 2014

have you ever seen an empty bird cage?

the emptiness  strikes you

it sits  inside,  staring-

then this lack jumps  out


like  cats


 Picture 215Picture 214Picture 216Picture 218Picture 217  Picture 220    Picture 205 Picture 206 Picture 208 Picture 212 Picture 213 Picture 211 Picture 209 Picture 210 Picture 207 Picture 199 Picture 198 Picture 194 Picture 193 Picture 191 Picture 190 Picture 189 Picture 219 Picture 188 Picture 195 Picture 197

Not Quite

September 22, 2014

She lay on the bed, alternating between reading a book and napping. I worked on the floor, crouched over several yards of unstretched canvas. Periodically I would get up and talk above her , watching the light play over her skin, the way one of her eyebrows arched, the flash of glass-blue in her eyes as she turned away from the window. All these hundred things I saw, or more properly, absorbed in instants. Sometimes I would lay down next to her, and then my skin my nose my ears would see her.
What was I making on the floor on that unfurled canvas ? Not quite a portrait, not quite a map, not quite the diagram of another human being.



Picture 153

All Work And No Art

September 12, 2014

makes me a dull boy.

( recent drawings- after weeks of long hours at work and the stress of finding new digs)

Picture 172Picture 171

Picture 170Picture 180 Picture 181 Picture 187 Picture 179 Picture 185 Picture 184 Picture 183 Picture 182 Picture 186 Picture 177 Picture 178 Picture 175 Picture 176 Picture 173 Picture 174


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