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July 10, 2014

I could never understand how these things happen. for years you share the most intimate things, then suddenly a day comes and things feel “awkward “. timing is off, things don’t fit; hands don’t fit, faces don’t fit. and then there’s no going back. something is severed,  ruptures. you become strangers to each other. and so I’m always left with the thought in the end, as if it was some type of unbreakable principle, that:

what comes, comes.

what goes, goes.

what stays, stays.



thus Life.

and one always braces for the worst




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Everyone Is

June 21, 2014

“All women are beautiful.”

I think that statement still doesn’t quite get the point. It smacks of the superficial, of external valuations- and the word “beautiful” itself is extremely problematic. The statement ” All women are interesting”, takes it to a different level, takes it away from questions of what is the “correct” shape, etc. and instead refocuses on what is intrinsic, developmental, evolutionary, experiential, internal.
“All women are interesting.”

And its ultimate logical conclusion: “Everyone is interesting.”




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May 21, 2014

they only see

for what use
is a man
who digs a hole
for the sake of a
it must become,
at best a well-
at the very least
the start
of an outhouse

but to dig
just to dig-
a hole
for the hole?







Picture 23ds


May 19, 2014

in public he would

grasp one of her breasts.

people, unused to them

would look away,  embarrassed

until they realize that the gesture

was like

holding hands-

it was as close as he could get

to touching

her heart








May 16, 2014

but  trying

to keep busy

with what







( in progress )

















May 13, 2014

He never opened her letters
not because he didn’t care
but because he wanted
to be
that she sealed each one
with her tongue




Picture 117





May 7, 2014

unlike God

she takes  a  second to create the universe -

her eyes closed, and it’s ended


Paradise is

walking  in her dreams.




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