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365 Days A Year

November 27, 2014

time as measured

in  lines

and colors


IMG_20141127_113944 IMG_20141127_113424 IMG_20141127_114558 IMG_20141127_114329 IMG_20141127_113333 IMG_20141127_114442 IMG_20141127_114156 IMG_20141127_113243 IMG_20141127_113050 IMG_20141127_114058 IMG_20141127_113832 IMG_20141127_112937 IMG_20141127_113738 IMG_20141127_113142 IMG_20141127_113528

My Vacation

November 17, 2014

I’m currently on vacation. When others go away  , I go away  and deeper into my art. It’s better than any exotic place or adventure I can ever imagine. One day soon I want to astound myself, do something I didn’t see coming. This bliss between intention and chance. Then everything would have been worth it. Remember the allegorical Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri? Dante descends into the several levels of Hell and then ascends through Purgatory and then Heaven/Paradise, accompanied by Virgil.  I imagine the ideal model would be like Virgil: guide, co-conspirator, eye-witness, friend, foil,  and tutor.

11/22/14 ( last day of vacation)

IMG_20141125_123433 IMG_20141125_124004 IMG_20141125_123829 IMG_20141125_124415 IMG_20141125_131328 IMG_20141125_124210 IMG_20141125_124109 IMG_20141125_123659 IMG_20141125_124312 IMG_20141125_123556 IMG_20141125_131447


IMG_20141122_093105 IMG_20141122_093217 IMG_20141122_094117 IMG_20141122_094350 IMG_20141122_093742 IMG_20141122_094242 IMG_20141122_093626 IMG_20141122_093853 IMG_20141122_094021  IMG_20141122_094608


IMG_20141120_154828 IMG_20141120_155237 IMG_20141120_155207 IMG_20141120_154701 IMG_20141120_154947 IMG_20141120_154520 IMG_20141120_155349 IMG_20141120_115810


IMG_20141120_081638 IMG_20141120_081307 IMG_20141120_082529 IMG_20141120_081955 IMG_20141120_082406 IMG_20141120_081756 IMG_20141120_082251 IMG_20141120_081425 IMG_20141120_081059 IMG_20141119_161603077_HDR IMG_20141119_215239896 IMG_20141119_171953729_HDR


IMG_20141119_132043157_HDR IMG_20141119_131814 IMG_20141119_130359 IMG_20141119_125810 IMG_20141119_131712 IMG_20141119_125636 IMG_20141119_130949 IMG_20141119_130613 IMG_20141119_125359 IMG_20141118_102204084_HDR IMG_20141118_151200


IMG_20141119_130223 IMG_20141117_135955 IMG_20141117_140048 IMG_20141117_142027 IMG_20141117_140906 IMG_20141117_135842 IMG_20141117_143146 IMG_20141117_142931 IMG_20141117_142419 IMG_20141117_140159 IMG_20141117_141015 IMG_20141117_135641 IMG_20141117_133148 IMG_20141117_133448


IMG_20141116_101542 IMG_20141116_095257 IMG_20141116_101252 IMG_20141116_095143 IMG_20141116_101841 IMG_20141116_101946 IMG_20141116_094907 IMG_20141116_102019 IMG_20141116_101344

“My Dear, Find What You Love And Let It Kill You “

November 15, 2014

Recent Work


IMG_20141115_105644 IMG_20141115_111729 IMG_20141115_110726 IMG_20141115_104139 IMG_20141115_104307IMG_20141115_104745 IMG_20141115_104959IMG_20141115_110334  IMG_20141115_105524  IMG_20141115_105749IMG_20141115_111237 IMG_20141115_111112  IMG_20141115_111839 IMG_20141115_105119 IMG_20141115_110154IMG_20141115_110524 IMG_20141115_104907  IMG_20141115_105417



IMG_20141115_114012 IMG_20141115_113602 IMG_20141115_113805 IMG_20141115_114106 IMG_20141115_113907 IMG_20141115_114810 IMG_20141115_115039 IMG_20141115_115133 IMG_20141115_114549 IMG_20141115_114931



IMG_20141116_012407 IMG_20141115_215823 IMG_20141115_134223 IMG_20141115_220356 IMG_20141115_220123 IMG_20141116_012457 IMG_20141115_220305 IMG_20141115_220237 IMG_20141115_215924 IMG_20141115_220633 IMG_20141115_220705 IMG_20141115_215853

IMG_20141115_220440 IMG_20141115_220600

Rilke’s Dragons

November 9, 2014

once upon a dime  a knight came

steed skeletal, armor rusted

to rescue a dragon from a

damsel in distress-

kissing dragons turn them into princesses


IMG_20141108_111441IMG_20141108_111628  IMG_20141108_111902 IMG_20141108_111801 IMG_20141108_113152 IMG_20141108_112923 IMG_20141108_112819 IMG_20141108_113019 IMG_20141108_112030

Schiele At Neue Galerie, My Birthday, and Recent Work

October 31, 2014

For my birthday on the 30th I went to see the Egon Schiele show at the Neue Galerie by myself.


One of my favorite images in the Schiele show was this.


I didn’t realize he did something like that til I saw it. the picture was hung about knee high- obviously the curators didn’t want it smack in front of their genteel visitors’ faces. I was the only one to hunch down to scrutinize the drawing. I had done something similar- but whereas Schiele used a nubile model I used a friend from the opposite spectrum. I think mine are better.

Picture 93 Picture 92 Picture 91

In my drawings there is none of Schiele’s gleeful male freshman delight in a woman’s eroticized body. There is only matter-of-factness. Thus, and thus. Her inertness preserves her. She is not my playground. She is a mountain.

After seeing the Schiele show,  Klimt ‘s statement to the younger artist becomes clear, when Klimt said Schiele had “much too much”  talent…and it confirms what I have recently  thought about Schiele…he was an immature artist. He spent the first decade of his artistic life shaking off Klimt and Kokoshka’s influence, regurgitating things they’ve done 5-10 years before.. It wasn’t until just before his death  that he started finding himself. His tremendous talent was his downfall. It made art too easy, too facile for him. Klimt , the greater artist, was warning him  like a father.

Also Schiele’s prison drawings were just plain awful.

Later in the evening, I drew :


IMG_20141031_152704IMG_20141031_155821 IMG_20141031_153108IMG_20141031_155623 IMG_20141031_155523IMG_20141031_152940 IMG_20141031_155305IMG_20141031_154826 IMG_20141031_155203   IMG_20141031_154602IMG_20141031_154334 IMG_20141031_154446  IMG_20141031_153824 IMG_20141031_153617IMG_20141031_154916 IMG_20141031_153514 IMG_20141031_153334

My dog Ripley while I drew my model


Stuff, And Drawings From Recent Sessions

October 23, 2014

it’s like you’re this one-winged thing flapping around on the ground- then maybe you find another- also floundering around with one wing. then by holding on to each other you both manage to lift off…

yes. I wanna draw it like it’s a fucking elbow. demystify. defetishize. face the Minotaur in the labyrinth. then sit across the Minotaur , drink wine and discuss global economies and poetry and why it prefers  a certain place as opposed to another- whether nostalgia plays a role…


IMG_20141025_120150IMG_20141025_114336IMG_20141025_120700IMG_20141025_114514IMG_20141025_114200IMG_20141025_114854IMG_20141025_120924IMG_20141025_114608IMG_20141025_120821     IMG_20141025_120543   IMG_20141025_115007


IMG_20141024_110213IMG_20141024_110113IMG_20141024_111529 IMG_20141024_110320 IMG_20141024_105635 IMG_20141024_111327 IMG_20141024_105734 IMG_20141024_105511


697707 699 705698706 704700702 703


718719 720 722723 721724


725 726 727 728 729 709 708 712 710 711 IMG_20141023_165753


730 737 731 740 738 736 734 732 735 733 741 739

This And That ( and work from recent sessions)

October 15, 2014

so to see the backbone of New York City, take a train ride at 5:30- 6am in the morning from any of the outer boroughs…one of those mornings I noticed a poster behind one of these early morning commuters; it was about an art show somewhere highlighting the working class, and I just know that that tired person nodding asleep in front of the poster has not noticed it- and if she did, it would be just like some random graffiti scrawl on the wall or runes on a rock: meaningless

and then, uncharacteristically, some days sudden panic attacks that punch me in the gut…looking around in that subway car: baby carriages, that veined hand on a cane, the two teenagers kissing, the man with the briefcase, that pretty woman with green hair and another clutching Rite-Aid bags, a screaming child. sort of being in a time capsule…this is all we will ever know. all the life we will ever have.all these will be gone. but not before growing cancers or tumors, killing, hating, loving, disappointing, lusting, mixed with degrees of ignorance and self-righteousness- all swirling in a vat of endless necessity. points of necessity connecting to constellations of needs and wants and priorities. and the only thing that gives me my breath back are those moments only my ears and eyes and skin have seen, rare and isolated , and within the context of that subway car: utterly meaningless

Picture 271 Picture 273 Picture 272 Picture 274 Picture 248 Picture 268 Picture 267 Picture 264 Picture 266 Picture 265 Picture 270 Picture 260 Picture 256 Picture 263 Picture 262 Picture 261 Picture 255 Picture 259 Picture 258 Picture 257 Picture 254 Picture 253 Picture 247 Picture 252 Picture 251 Picture 250 Picture 249 Picture 246 Picture 243 Picture 242 Picture 241 Picture 240


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